China, Week 1

My first week in China was for business and everything went well. I was treated very well by my hosts who took me around everywhere and let me try just about every kind of food there is. Pig tail, intestines, bird stomach, pig stomach, pig ears, frog legs, lots of food with bones that you have to get used to, and really it is all in how it is prepared because all of the food was perfectly wonderful. Here are some photos. Hover over the photo for more info.

Pig stomach makes your stomach healthy.

Hu Jintao's favorite food is baked pork back fat.

Seen here is lobster stewed in spicy sauce.

We visited Window of the World which has miniature versions of famous places around the world. The story goes that a very important man in China’s history named Deng Xiaoping opened up the country to trade, explore and interact with the rest of the world. Thirty years later this park was created to commemorate the results of that economic reform. Here are some pictures:

The stories were "Cinderella", "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Waterloo Bridge" and "How the Steel Was Tempered".We were there at night which seemed to be only about the show we saw so we wandered around taking pictures in the dark.  I think it was a better way to do it.It was leaning over, so we fixed it for them.

We saw the Confucius Temple which is where he taught many people many things, like a college.

Inside were many jade wall sculptures and musical instruments.

We did a lot of shopping in Nanjing.

You have to bargain really hard, especially if you are a foreigner.  I wasn't very good at it.

In Shanghai we walked around the city which had a stark contrast between old and new, which was intentional.

It seems the lights were off when we saw it because they are trying to improve their environment.

My next post will be about the start of week 2.



Rammstein covering “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls… epic!


Custom Catan Board

Little side project that I have been meaning to get to.



I am so


Groggy Swagger’s Incursion 1.1 PI Guide

There are some changes in the Incursion 1.1 patch to PI that really make PI easy to do and it remains a profitable eve profession that takes very little time to do, especially if you have things set up.


Independence Day

This weekend we are going to watch the fireworks from the bay.


Storage space

I am considering getting rid of or reducing my storage space.


New bumper sticker

Now that I have a family car (for reasons other than having a family) I thought it might be funny to use it to my advantage.


What a way to start the year

Things that have happened in the last two months:

  • Had my car broken into, macbook stolen
  • Bought a new macbook pro
  • Bought a new car
  • Registered a fictitious business name
  • Started researching survival and putting together my kit
  • Scheduled this year’s Pirate Fest
  • Learned a lot about WordPress

Those are the big things.


Things I would like to do

Kevin, the Ragged Clown, made a list of things that he wants to get done in his lifetime. What a great idea! Certainly not a new idea, but something I should certainly be doing. Without further adieu, here is my list (subject to change).

Things to do:
- Survive in the wild alone for 7 days
- Sail to Monterey
- Sail to Baha
- Sail to Hawaii
- Sail around the world
- Own a tall ship
- Get a tattoo
- Visit
– Scotland
– England
– Ireland
– France
– Australia
– Amsterdam
– Germany
- Learn to fly a plane
- Own a motorcycle
- Join a secret society
- Search for treasure

Things to make:

- Submarine
- Underground house
- Viking long hall
- Gun
- Sword
- Modern armor
- Car