One thing that may be counted upon in all the circumstance in the world, I have been twigged to, is the countless articles of advice proffered by your friends and family when one is attempting to improve their personal health and physique. Recipes, concoctions, frivolous routines, energetic activities, what indulgences to temper or moderate, physics of all sorts and even tactical states of mind. That is not to say I mind it, quite the contrary I am glad of it in all earnestness as it rightly comes only from a sense of concern and the inclination to help out in the terribly trying venture. In general I politely thank them for the advice, smiles all around, just so. Congruently, I have noticed quite apart from the concern which breeds these advances, the advice itself is almost invariably contrary to that of another such volunteered proposition. It is to such a point that I could follow no single suggestion without defying another. Indeed I hypothesize that the advice itself can be quite damaging to one’s resolve! If one were to choose of the array of given counsel, it is entirely possible that the subconscious mind might prefer the more lax of the choices and therefore lower the effectiveness of the general strategy altogether. Therefore I have set forth a strict policy of entertaining none of the kind admonishments lest they catch me by the lee and ground me.

By the by, I dare say this article is quite comical, if not interesting. What a modern, fascinating world we live in.


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