What is love?

It’s a very logical thing to say that love is a chemical/emotional change that happens in your body for the purpose of procreating and protecting/nurturing the resulting family long enough for the offspring to live independent of the family unit.

What does it mean to humans, who clearly have too much time on their hands? I dare say I do find the above definition much more comforting, but the tickling in the back of my head says that it’s a tad more complex than that. Things people tend to do when they “love” each other:

- Share intimacy.

- Share responsibility

- Entertain each other

- Provide for each other

Ideally that would be all they do with each other, but after a certain closeness is achieved some negatives tend to get thrown in the works, such as:

- Conflict

- Distress

- Discontent

Now the former aspects tend to lessen as the latter aspects rise to power, but if the two people love each other enough, an acceptable compromise is usually reached. If that acceptable compromise isn’t reached, then the two people probably don’t love each other enough. Perhaps somewhere in the world a long-term relationship exists where none of the latter aspects are really a very significant factor in anything, and I suppose this is what people would call “true love” although I all too often find that “fleeting love”, or “love at first sight” (meaning the elated overload of joy you feel when you meet someone you are physically attracted to and/or only exchange the good things in the beginning) is mistaken for the termed “true love”.

What do we then do with this love? Well, there are several “leaps” of sorts, called commitments. For me personally, I would rather these leaps were just ignored and a relationship with another person defines itself without requiring a formal label. I think most people, however, need those labels for reasons of mental security and as a somewhat standardized definition of boundaries. Formal labels, not necessarily chronological:

- Courting

- Dating

- Girlfriend/boyfriend

- Living together

- Married

- Family

- Life mates

Counter labels:

- I just got stood up

- I can’t handle you chewing on your toenails

- Dumped

- Moved out

- Divorced

- Separated

- Dead

Yes, yes, that all sounded very stale and technical. Hey, if you want a breezy, emotional, sympathetic answer, ask someone else.

“But Aaron, what about love of a family member?”

Well yes. Then Love means everything there minus the sexual intimacy. You didn’t really need to ask me that did you?

My summarized definition of love?

Love is exchanging life with another person and enjoying it.



Oh what a beautiful feeling

Yesterday’s grueling martial arts session has left me with only half the use of my legs. What a workout. I have learned that whenever Mr. Jue says the word “dalyon” he is referring to your imminent doom. That’s what I signed up for though. Also, have you ever just realized that you have Friday off on Thursday morning? It might be comparable to an orgasm. Other things which have orgasmic properties:

- Cleaning ears with Q-Tips.

- Peeing after having to go for a long time.

- Taking off shoes and socks after a long, hot day.

- Massages.

- Someone with long fingernails running fingers through your hair.

- Showering after a long camping trip which had no shower.

- Happening upon an episode of ST:TNG that you havn’t seen before and finding out that it’s one where they employ a phased variance array of tachyon particles filtered through a cloud of warp core plasma to close the rift in the space time continuum.

- Attatching snapping turtles to your nipples.

Okay, I was kidding about the snapping turtles.

In other news, Faire is this weekend. Other than that I won’t be doing much.



Clubbed to death

Had a great time at the club. I’m going to talk to the current head DJs about possibly getting a guest slot spinning next week or so. It is amazing how much time I have on my hands and how much more energy I have now that I have stopped playing EQ.




Another weekend gone, another fair experience in the book. Aaron missed this weekend so I am gonna fill in best as I can. Well I’ll tell you what, I have never been gambled before in my life, but I’m very glad Mike D. lost. I am now property of a very lovely young lady, which I have no reason to be upset about. What else, partayed saturday where i could have used some help from my friend Aaron, but everyone needs a break. Mmmmm, a lot of great tastes at the fair, exotic you might wanna call them. Next weekend looks promising, hoping to see Aaron out there with me. Also if you need/want/must contact me, feel free to email at More to come!



Gone clubbing!

Okay, made it through the guards, the jibes and snickers of co-workers, my hair is BACK! Tonight after work, I go to martial arts, then I go to The Box. Thinking the only way I’ll survive a gruelingly long day + the drive is to not drink beer, which goes without saying as I will be going alone. I’ll bring my CDs too, maybe I’ll get to spin a little as I only see two DJs slated for tonight. Woot! I have a very extravagant costume that I’m working on for clubbing, but the essential bit isn’t done so it’s t-shirt and jeans tonight.

Music pick of the week: Juno Reactor

They’ve been around a while but recently picked up some of their stuff and it’s just great. It soft, catchy electronic, just fun to listen to.

Movie pick of the week: “Dog Soldiers”

Best werewolf movie I have ever seen I think.

Game pick of the week: Star Wars Galaxies

Find me on Kettemoore server.

Web link of the week: PvP Online

If you don’t already read this comic every day, you are missing something. Prepare to waste a few hours at work grinding through the archives.



The tortise and the hair

So, my work has formally informed me that I can dye my hair and not get fired.

Yay! So I’m feeling a little more back to myself now. Off to munch some sushi, more stories coming on Monday.


Hey hey…

Brian here, lets see. Aaron missed his restaurant incident as well as the naked tent ordeal. While playing a joke on a friend over the phone, Aaron preceded to fall out of his chair to the floor, he was also cut off from alcohol after ordering one beer. Best part, when we get back to camp, he hits the sack, we play a game called Liar’s Dice, come out to see Aaron in his see through tent bare ass, take a picture on his digital cam and leave it as a surprise. Surprise was an understatement, literally screaming when he saw the picture the next morning, one of those few priceless moments, at least if you dont have Aaron Rhodes as a part of your life. Crazy guy sometimes. More to come!



Vanity of the Aaron

Okay, so I was thinking about the site and thought I’d just turn on the random word generator and let it make a post on my blog for me.

So I have a website, it’s named after me, I talk about me. Isn’t that weird? I mean I talk about other things, but it’s mostly about me. Do I think other people want to read the things I write? Should I care if they do? I mean… it’s like a public diary, and I write it I guess so I feel like I am getting my word out there. Sort of like a “To whom it may concern” letter. I once found a letter like that. I found a bottle in a creek near my house, (the Soquel creek), and opened it, there was a letter. It was a little crusty and damp, and very hard to read. I know I made out the words, “To whom it may concern.” I think it was a girl that wrote it and it was all just about blah, blah, nothing important, but I tried for a LONG time to make out the words. In case she said something important? I’m not sure. Maybe because if she took the time to write a letter, put it in a bottle, go against Woodsy the Owl’s sacred words, Give a hoot, don’t pollute, and toss that bottle into the creek, watching it disappear around a rock, get stuck on a log, run up, try to push it along, not able to reach, get a stick, un-stick it, gets stuck again, etc… then doesn’t that voice deserve to be heard? Maybe not. Maybe she was just littering. So every once in a while I question if it’s rude to assume as much as making a site like this. Hmmm… Ponder… okay, but it’s fun, so I’ll keep doing it.

On to some stories.

My last girlfriend was neat. At first. Then she became less neat and less satisfied with me, it seemed, the more comfortable she got with me and the more I pampered her. I obviously didn’t know how things are supposed to work. So in the end of a 2.5 year relationship she is spending all of my money, jobless for 5 months and ends up breaking up with me to go be with a guy she visited on a vacation that I paid for and wasn’t able to go to myself due to work. Okay, whatever, I’m better off without her. Bad thing: Well, I gave her a lot of money when she left, mainly because I wanted her to be gone, but really she didn’t earn any of it being unemployed herself for 5 months. Should I have just shoved her belongings out the door and changed the locks without a penny leaving my pockets? I don’t know. I’m a big softie I guess. That’s what I’m told. Good thing: She is gone. I get to decorate my living room the way I want and I don’t come home to her bitching at me.

This is all old news. The crux of the story delves into the extremely mysterious, secret, unwritten entity known only as, The Guy Code as well as an apparently female concept called “projecting”.

First, about projecting. So after she breaks up with me, about 4 of my close friends pipe up in support and incidentally mention that my X had at one point proposed to have sex with them. What’s so odd about that? Well, about once a month I would be accused by her of being unfaithful, which of course was totally false. I didn’t understand why I was being accused as it was plainly obvious that there was in fact no way I could have done the things she was accusing me of. It completely made no sense. Then another female friend of mine exclaims, “Oh, that’s called projecting,” as if this is some concept I should have been aware of. So, the revealed definition is that when a girl does something wrong she will often accuse her partner of doing that very thing to her because… (here is where fuzzy girl logic happens) it would relieve her of her guilt if the partner were also doing it. Or that it is a way of expressing her feelings about what she did by inverting it into an accusation. I’m still a little confused by how it works. The short and skinny is that if a future girlfriend asks me that question, the proper response should be, “No. Are you?”

Now, The Guy Code. So out of all of my friends she propositioned, as far as I know her offer was not redeemed. Then again I believe the code says that they would not tell me if they did. It also says that I won’t be accusing them of lying, and it also says that I shouldn’t care either way anyway because she’s gone and she is the one who wronged me, not them, so as The Guy Code stands, everyone who is my friend officially stays my friend and she officially stays on my /ignore list for life. See? There are reasons the code is written how it is. Since there were several friends who responded the same way, it must be that the code says that if your girlfriend does something like that, the guy shouldn’t tell you until after you break up, especially if you are a good friend. Since it is obviously in The Guy Code, I can accept that it happened that way. In the future I would much rather the guy friend not take her up on the offer and tell me about it right away. I’m likely to tell them to go ahead and do it too. I simply do not tolerate the games girls play anymore. My guy friends know this and I’m sure it would play out differently if it were done again. What would happen to her as a result? My day would go on as if it didn’t happen for a time. The planning of a painless break-up perhaps, or maybe a careful discussion about non-monogamous relationships I suppose would follow. This is so extra hilarious that it all happened this way too because I started my relationship telling her that I wanted a non-monogamous relationship and she convinced me to be monogamous with her very quickly. Well, in the words of the heroes of G.I. Joe, Knowing is half the battle.



Don’t mind me.

Just testing out this little post header image thing because my friend Brian will be posting here soon. He is in charge of making sure my stories are historically accurate as there are times when I don’t remember things.

Well time to go home and do a little leather working. More on that later.




So, I figured if I am going to make a website, I should learn how to do all of it. Here you go, my first forum. Still needs customizing, but that’s more for tomorrow.


I must apologize for all of the exclaimation marks. I’m just excited to be learning new stuff today. :)


Now the forums should match the main site as far as colors go.