Vacation Day 2

Okay, so I’m posting it a bit late. I was frantically sitting at home vegitating and there was no possible way for me to make it from my couch to the computer to write this before now. Day 2 went a little something like this:

At tyhe laundrymat

At Adam’s place

At Cafe Cruz

At The Poet and the Patriot

At Palomar, Adam’s first tequila shot

Preparing the Irish Car Bombs

Drinking the Irish Car Bombs.

A note here that at this time, Jordan (in the middle) and I had somehow boasted that we could out drink the other and madness insued including shots of Bushmill’s, more beer and more car bombs.

Here is later that night in the midnight showing of Orgazmo as a result

Now I’m off to Brian’s party where madness will surely ensue.



Vacation time! Day 1

Whew, an odd feeling jumping in the car with a bag full of dirty laundry and all my camping gear. I’m ready to do anything I want to, travel anywhere. I’m free, at least until after Labor Day. I thought maybe I’d go to Vegas. Might even still do that. Woo! It’s neat, I’m on vacation.

Day 1: Thursday, goofed off at work, packed, drove to San Fran, went on a great date. Went to dinner at a viatnamese restaurant called The Slanted Door. That was really yummy. I had squid stuffed with pork and some riesling. Then went to a goth event called Restoration. Lots of cute people there, had fun watching them dance. End of night.

This morning I woke up and slept some more, woke up again… some more dozing, okay, I’m really going now. Hopped in the car and writing this blog from a laundromat called Wired. They had soap, an ATM, computer and the washing machine. Everything I really needed!

Tonight is a midnight showing of Orgazmo. I think the The Peanut Circus house is going and I think I will as well. Want to meet up with Adam at some point cause we have important stuff to chat about.

Here is a bit for you, just for fun.

Web link of the week: Home Star Runner. If you haven’t seen this before, please, please, PLEASE check out Strong Bad’s emails. Man, that’s some funny stuff.

Okay, hope to update again soon.




Ok so maybe it isn’t a shindig, maybe it is just an excuse to get together, drink, goof off, and have fun. Hey wait, I don’t need an excuse to do that!! Theme of the party? Fanboy’s in the Hood. Dress as your favorite geek err star/cartoon/action/whatever. Be it someone from Star Trek or Alice in Wonderland. Be prepared to be mocked however if we see fit. Of course Aaron and I will be dressed up as well, so feel free to mock. You are however expected to contact me or Mike Donegan or even Aaron in some way to get approval of your invite. We do after all want to make sure everyone present can have fun with anyone else who shows. My email is I will also send out more emails giving directions, phone number, what to bring, bla bla bla. Hope to see who gets there invites at the party, and if you didnt get one/want one then ask(We reserve the right to refuse service or entrance to any and every party we please)



Swords to plowshares

I had a dream last night that I got my Katana in the mail and I was hanging out in Eugene’s back yard with the samurai from Yojimbo and when I pulled the sword out of the sheath (which was a piece of cloth) it was two strips of cheap sheet metal squished together with one edge ground to be a rough serrated edge by a grinder or something and it was flimsy and just sort of flopped out the end of the hilt and layed on the ground. It was one of those very real feeling dreams too. So I woke up and sat in bed for a while dissapointed in the quality of this katana I’d ordered, but then to my great relief I realized that it was just a dream and I had nothing to worry about, except that it hasn’t come in the mail yet. I guess I am worried that it’s going to be one of those cheap decorative swords that’s finished in chrome and couldn’t be sharpened for anything. I did my research though. The guy who I ordered it from actually called me and said that they had to put new warning labels on the packaging because they were super sharp. Oooh, want a link? Mark V Field Katana + cryo tempering. So, super excited about it. Why? Who knows, it’s a guy thing. It’s not like I’m going to go on a public killing spree or something, it’s just always been something I’ve wanted to have. I’m a nut, I know.



All I have to say is

Just a tip of the iceberg planned for the labor day party at Brian’s place. If I’m not mistaken, the theme is “Fanboys in the Hood”.



We may actually include more couches in the fortress, and the nerf guns may not be accessible by all, but the alcohol will most definitely be ready for all attendants, and of course, Fanboy’s in the Hood is our theme. I will post some more later just wanted to give Aaron credit for his design and I will get to work on positioning the materials.



There will be blood tonight!

Tonight I DJ again at The Box. Yay! Very excited.

Haven’t posted much lately due mainly to some hard decisions coming up in my life. Where I am, what I’m doing, where I am going. I might be moving here very soon, in fact almost definitely. I am trying to choose the absolute best plan for my life though and there should not be anything to worry about. So, will I be moving? Yes, pending word on Adam’s mortgage loan approval. Will I be getting a new job? Not if I can help it. The job I have is great and I have a plan to keep it and commute, sort of, using a rented room in Livermore and staying there for the 4 day work week. Will I be happier? Yes. In all the time I have been in Livermore, I still have zero friends to hang out with locally. Generally I make friends, it doesn’t make sense, I don’t belong here.

In other news, my new katana is nearly here, and I got my new Utilikilt. It’s neat. I am now prepared for the horrible wars that will tear the world apart and leave us in a post atomic wasteland populated by mutants and anarchy. Whew, William Gibson has me brainwashed I’m sure.

Music pick: Scooter – Their “Gold” album is just plain fun to listen to.

Movie pick: Yojimbo – There are a few live-action Japanese movies that really are shining stars. The Seven Samurai is one of them, this is definitely another.

Game pick: iSketch – Try this game sometime with a bunch of friends, I assure you, hands down, your sides will hurt from laughing.

Web pick: Mike D’s site – Check out his story about our faire experience. I couldn’t have told it better myself.




Well Aaron our good friend is sick, so he hasn’t been able to make any changes to the site. He has some more pictures from fair, the one’s that I would prefer to have on the website but have to wait. Oh well, I am totally loaded right now, and I can’t decide what to write, may even edit this later. Bla bla bla, um, bla, hehehe. Take it easy everyone.



Another day……

Yes, another day gone, another dye job done, fair is over so hair is blue again, will try to get Aaron an updated pic asap. Noticed he hasn’t been posting everyday either so I thought I would change the appearance. I think after I told him to get his bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie he forgot about posting as well, we will see.




Since I can’t figure out how to edit that previous post quite yet, I will have to settle for a new one. Well what can I say except, I dont remember doing that. You see, there comes a time in a person’s life(drunk persons) where they get to the point of no return. While usually Aaron is the one who hits that point, I seem to have my moments as well. Actually I am kinda fond of the purple……..



A picture says 1000 words

Okay, just to break in here with a little comedy. Here are some pictures of the last faire excursion:

Brian getting undressed.

Oops, he’s dressed again.

Brian getting a soda from the machine.

Brian laying on the ground after experiencing the flash of a yet unexplained camera while getting a soda.

Mike D wearing his most popular expression which looks something like, “I’m really wasted, life is perfect.”

Mike D and Ben Matterson commanding the USS Stumble. “Number One, I order you to go get me another ale.”

Now this just struck me as funny. It is the visual warnings of what things you should and should not do to a CD upon penalty of death. Let me translate:

- Do not allow Pigpen from Peanuts to handle the CD.

- Do not point directly at the CD.

- Do not use noisy party favors near CD.

- Do not draw a large “X” on your CD.

- CDs are unable to hold any volume of water.

- Thunder clouds and lightning are A-O-K.

- Feel free to store your CDs next to a thermometer.

- I take back what I said about not drawing on your CD.

Another amusing global translation for a bathroom soap dispenser:

- Sometimes people will fight over the soap in the bathroom.

- In the event that a fight breaks out, pull tab up and then down. An air mask will fall from the ceiling in front of you.

- Apply soap to battle damaged areas.

- Because this is a visual instruction designed to be language independent, let me print some random English words here to piss you off.

- Again, expect more grapples and uppercuts to the delicate soap dispensing equipment.

- Note that after the second fight, your soap will change color.

- Now here comes the hard part. Find someone with only three fingers…

- Avoid skin or eye contact with the laser beams.

Also, updates in the Photos and Friends areas.