If I only had a job…

For some reason that song from The Wizard of Oz is stuck in my head even though I haven’t watched it for ten years. Life is settling down. Realizing all of the things I had taken for granted living away from Santa Cruz. Things like… friends, hanging out with friends, doing fun things with friends, going downtown and seeing people after 8pm, having fun things to do all the time, etc…

So I have been working on projects around the house while waiting for my resumes to churn through the corporate grinder. I learned to sew, I made some curtains and covered some cushions and I’m feeling more gay than ever. Speaking of, that Queer eye show is pretty pimp. I have artistically fit all of my belongings from my old 2 bedroom apartment into my one bedroom now and that’s comparable to attaining cold fusion. Big thanks to my bed (/hug bed) for giving me about 30 square feet of my bedroom back. Doing some redecorating of the bathroom. How does lime green and brushed steel sound to you? Good, me too.

V-Day went very well, no casualties. Started with a very nice gift exchange in the morning. Never underestimate the power of black roses and chocolate. After that was a very, very cool wedding for Mick Magill and his lovely wife Lori. Mike Donnegan dressed as a devil with snow falling down on him heralded the day hell actually froze over and Mick and Lori did the unthinkable. Big thanks to Mick for bestowing the honor of being one of the groomsmen on me and we had a great time.

Been bowling on Monday nights and having a blast. Haven’t really been back to the goth club in a while since it’s really an 80s club now and they don’t seem to want me as a DJ. Maybe I’ll forgo a bowling night sometime soon to visit as a patron.

Well, I would stay and chat with myself longer but I must anon!