A long time coming.

Been much too long without an update, for that I apologize. You the fans make ALL this possible. Okay hahah, I made a funny, haha.

So first thing’s first.

My sister is now married. Wow! I mean I knew that would happen someday and all, just kind of odd. She’s with this really cool guy though so it’s all good. And let’s talk about the wedding. Everything was really cool. Food was great, everyone had a great time despite a considerable amount of heat. Things that I seem acclimated to like heat and rain, seem to bother other people a lot though. I didn’t think the heat was that bad. The best part of the wedding is that my Mom won’t be bothering me to make her some grandkids anymore. Yay! There was one point in the wedding, however, where I saw my life flash before my eyes. It was terrible. There I was, standing there in the crowd and everyone could see me. I looked up and a terrible whirling oval of ultimate doom hurtled it’s way toward me. I tried to avoid it, I willed in that half of a second for it to miss me entirely but it was not to be. It was coming straight for me and there was no way to avoid it as the other bachelors dove out of the way. I caught my sister’s garter.

Okay, on to other more light-hearted news. I am going to school! I am taking physical anthropology, which is very interesting, chemistry which is truly fascinating and acting which I seem to have a great knack for and is super fun. I am also taking Sociology, which I have to say is taught by my least favorite teacher ever. I like the way she redefines every term in the textbook into her “better” definition and tells us that either one of those definitions might be on the test… which isn’t confusing at all right? And I like how she states opinions and theories, especially her own, as scientific facts which are not up for debate. I like that voting in the upcoming election is part of our grade. And when I say that I like these things, I am being extremely sarcastic. All in all though, school is fun and thanks to Uncle Sam, it pays my rent.

Also, I have now been employed by a friend of mine from Sacramento to enter into the business of brokering deals for a distributor of alcoholic beverages. Was that confusing? Okay, my job is to walk into bars, stores and restaurants and drink a pint of beer with the owner or manager and try to convince them to carry the beers that I represent. Yes, that means a bit of free beer here and there. Yes that means I get paid for drinking that beer and chatting. I think I have found my calling.

In other news, we were victorious in a war between ourselves and our backstabbing former allies Covenant of the Wolf. That might not mean anything to you non-EQers but it’s pretty neat for us. LAN party next weekend, should be a blast!

Music pick: Mono – Nothing beats hot girl voices.

Movie pick: Sean of the Dead – Laughed my ass off.

Game pick: Knights of the Old Republic – There was a recent game called Fable that came out and it reminded me how well done this game is. Better in fact than Fable IMHO.