Pirate Fest 2006

Our first run last year, in a sub-optimal location was nearly 40 people. This time ’round we are expectin’ over twice as many and we aren’t really setting limits, especially if’n they be decked in their finest. It is a very large group campsite, capacity of about 120 I would s’pose. The crew o’ our ship, the Black Shinanegan are the finest scallywags and nardywell cats old Captain Groggy could ask fer, a rowdy bunch to throw the bones with.

As the docket notes, camping gear, grog to drink (or any other potable booty ye wishn’ to bring), there is a feast on Saturday that should be the luck o the pot and full pirate regalia to reduce global warming. To cover the cost of the site we are asking 10 dabloons per person or ye walk the plank. Also, parking will be our limiting factor so try to take as few longboats as ye can and bring any driftwood fer the fire that ye can spare.

~Captain Groggy Swagger