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Ren Faire: Episode III

So now it is over. Many thanks to everyone at the fencing school who allowed us to be such debaucherous fools. As sorry as I am to see it go, it is nice to have a day off after 8 weeks. I am sure there is more to come next year for those who are found wanting.

This week I got lots of things done. DMV (the lady was nice not mean!), cleaning house, laundry, post office, brewing (green tea mead, yay!) getting the costume ready, hanging out with friends again, playing video games again. It’s all so fresh and new!



Ren Faire: Episode II

At least I have shoes!
The weekend started well with everyone feeling refreshed and chipper. A great day of barking and hawking was had and the evening approached. This is the day we decided to have a cocktail walk. Dressed to the nines we were greeted by many a lovely man and woman. I was honored to have Pardis on my arm. So martinis in hand we walked, nay jaunted… NAY sauntered our way about faire declaring oaths to our pure marvelous fabulousness. We stopped and admired mirrors or their contents there in. We chuckled haughtily to the common folk as we passed for they were surely better for having experienced our mere presence. It was marvelous!

No need to change clothes we quickly got into the swing of things by gallivanting about the faire. Our fencing school got their best with their electric gear to fence on the main stage, exciting to be sure. We found an auction going on and I was able to place the winning bid on a box containing six pairs of size 10 women’s shoes! Woe to all who could not out-bin me! I was able to sell off a pair for a fine sum of 73 cents, and that is just the start of it. Who knows what nefarious uses I will be able to conjure with this odious footwear!

The next day was a day of contemplative recovery. By that I mean a little nap here and there but I managed to get some fencing lessons in. Just doing my part teaching men to be manly with sharp pointy objects. Also, we invented a wonderful new variation of fencing called “Privy Fencing”. I do not believe it is a sanctioned sport but we hope to have it accepted soon as an honorary olympic sport. It involves challenging one to a duel outside a small privy, climbing inside and having at it. I am sure a better level of understanding would come of watching it for yourselves.

Ending with a trip to our favorite pizza place Engford’s and a good night of movies and sleep. One more weekend and it will be lights out for my flashy Italian slops until the next year come.

EDIT: I found an old laser disk with these photos on it. I origionally had them on film but I taped over it with re-runs of “The Love Boat”. These photos are slightly touched up but they have bad resolution. Also, I am including the photos you don’t want at all for a nominal fee because I think they are better. Here you go!



Ren Faire: Episode I

This weekend I had a birthday. I was unable to halt time in its tracks so now I am 31 years old. Things started to get pretty wild right about Friday at 7:30pm. We all decided to raid England by dressing up as pirates and descending on Britannia Arms! I got some really neat loot too! Randal got me this great set of cups and dice and the cups have barnacles on them and the dice have a the skull & crossbones instead of ones. They came in handy too as I almost lost with 4 dice versus Randall’s 1. I need to work on my end game. Myla got me these neat action figured of people running away from things imagined that are about to kill them. Mike and Jackie gave me a great pair of gloves and Jordan got me this really awesome book about pirates. Neato! Thanks everyone!

So the raid on the pub was a great success. Right away when we walked in they could sense something was amiss. Probably beginning with the part where everyone ordered their own pitcher of beer… in full pirate regalia. The dice flew, the fried foods were consumed and the nearby patrons either loved us or hated us. Let the evening not grind to a halt there, oh no my friends. At about the point where words slurred and eyes blurred a very nice man brought in a kereoke machine and a sound system. It seems this is a regular event as someone was even bringing in their own kereoke disks! So though we were bellowing sea shanties all night long without this wonderful machine, that would not hinder us from performing a wonderful rendition of “The Copa Cobana” in full pirate regalia and some silly dancing. It was really a great party and I appreciate everyone coming.

The next morning some of us were feeling groggier than others but collectively it was a very substantial amount of grogginess. We drove to the faire a bit late and got ready for our day. Wonderful day, lots of friends were made and smiles were shined. At the end of the day there was a “black and pearls” ball which was rather odd. I really found the entire thing odd. I mean I love electronic music more than most, but a “ball” where you encourage people to dress up to the nines in formal wear doesn’t strike me as the type of party where you would hire a DJ to belt out jungle/goa music. There was also a “private” catholic school girl party happening. Overall I was really bewildered by the whole thing.


There may have been a person at this event who invented a game called “who do we mock next” where one is challenged to ridicule someone who is behaving in a certain way that is perhaps “uncool” by standards unknown. That was very mean whoever decided to do that, those people are just trying to have fun! There may also have been a little bit of a fun-poking at someone waving a cane around. In fact if I remember correctly, this poor person was parading this cane about in such a way as to suggest it would be the implement of his ultimate fertility. It was not to be so as those very mean people made it known that canes, while very hip in theory, are not hewn from wood for the purpose of attracting women. There could have also been an incident where the “private party” (that means “if you are female or one of my male friends”) was harassed by someone who cut a hole in the surrounding plastic sheeting and hung a sign reading “Glory Hole” from it. I do deplore these acts, and whoever is responsible should remember to check my mail for Netflix today because I really want to watch “The Notorious Betty Page” tonight.

This weekend on Saturday at 4:30pm will be what we call “The Cocktail Walk”. We basically dress up in formal/lounge wear and talk about how fabulous we are and how marvelous our caviar eating poodles are. Should be exciting, bring a martini glass!

Also, I digitally re-mastered Episodes IV, V and VI with better effects. In episode V I made a change so that Eric is shooting Mike before Mike shoots Eric with the laser tag pistols. I thought it would make Mike look a little more heroic.

Ren Faire: Episode IV pictures, now with an awkward looking effect where someone steps on my tail!

Ren Faire: Episode V pictures, with Eric Shoots First scene!

Ren Faire: Episode VI pictures, now with more Ewoks!