I know now that I cannot escape my identity. I have to come out clean if I have any hope of retaining my humanity and self-worth. I am the legendary Fake Nacho Libre. And… I was beaten by The Stinger of Dooooom. How will I ever look myself in the mirror again?!?

-Fake Nacho Libre
258 (on Pardis’s scale, so doesn’t count)


A new era

So today I replaced the battery in the scale (thank you Jeff and Leanne). The thing still doesn’t work right. It’s intermittent at best. Grrrr!!! I guess I will have to settle on an amicable compromise with my opponents in health to buy a new scale.

And now for my new segment called …

Things I am About Done With!

- I am about done with movies in which Eddie Murphy plays more than one character or wears a fat suit.

- I am about done with jewelry commercials where the guy is an asshole for no reason until he spends a couple thousand dollars.

- I am about done with movies on the Sci-Fi Channel that are created by flipping to a random page in the D&D monster manual, picking a monster that will escape into civilization causing terror and death until it is vanquished by an unlikely hero and girl who manages to trip and fall 20 times during the course of the movie.

- I am about done with Big Pharmaceutical commercials where the actors try to list the possible side-effects as if it was part of a casual conversation with their friends and/or family.

And finally…

- I am about done with vehicle sticker fads. What is with this? Do I really care if you are a Christian race car enthusiast with a wife and two kids who play soccer, originally lived in Orange County and prefer Fords over Chevys … as you cut me off?!? Hell no I don’t! Get back in the right lane and finish your frigging phone conversation!

Until next time,



One thing that may be counted upon in all the circumstance in the world, I have been twigged to, is the countless articles of advice proffered by your friends and family when one is attempting to improve their personal health and physique. Recipes, concoctions, frivolous routines, energetic activities, what indulgences to temper or moderate, physics of all sorts and even tactical states of mind. That is not to say I mind it, quite the contrary I am glad of it in all earnestness as it rightly comes only from a sense of concern and the inclination to help out in the terribly trying venture. In general I politely thank them for the advice, smiles all around, just so. Congruently, I have noticed quite apart from the concern which breeds these advances, the advice itself is almost invariably contrary to that of another such volunteered proposition. It is to such a point that I could follow no single suggestion without defying another. Indeed I hypothesize that the advice itself can be quite damaging to one’s resolve! If one were to choose of the array of given counsel, it is entirely possible that the subconscious mind might prefer the more lax of the choices and therefore lower the effectiveness of the general strategy altogether. Therefore I have set forth a strict policy of entertaining none of the kind admonishments lest they catch me by the lee and ground me.

By the by, I dare say this article is quite comical, if not interesting. What a modern, fascinating world we live in.



The game is afoot

So the game is this weekend. I am pretty excited, pretty nervous. I have everything I think I need written down and … it’s just exciting. Never since I was in middle school playing Elf Quest in the dark with my friends during sleepovers have I attempted such a thing. I think that all of the aspects of pen-and-paper RPGs has come together in this final culmination. Other-worldly settings, freedom of choice, puzzles, fast pacing, lots of player interaction, rich multi-plot story, exploration and risk vs. reward. Woo. I just hope it doesn’t come out at an idiot stare.



Thought I would try embedding a video.

Sort of looking into this video thing. Thought it would be cool to make some things. When I was a kid I had a friend named George Holbert. He was pretty cool. We made some home movies that were quite funny. Now that I have grown older though I am sure my videos would be different. Wouldn’t it be great to see me taunt a rabbit with a carrot made out of Jello? Anyway, this is rather amusing, and if you are not in “the know” this dance became the male Dreanei dance.



Hey, hey, hey!

Photoshops are fun! The Wacom sure made that a lot easier too. Neat, neat! Tried the utterly fulfilling leek soup recipe. It’s great! I added a bit of celery, I am sure it won’t hurt. Goes great with tea. Speaking of leeks, check this out. I’m off right now to go visit the gym with my my frickin iPod loaded with a new Patrick O’Brian audio book.



Turning out the pockets

I did a little shopping. Bought a Wacom tablet because I want to start learning to draw and do some graphic art. I have a current project creating a logo for my dad’s band “Ethyl” and I don’t think it would be possible to do without this tool. It’s kind of neat! Without having to do anything it seamlessly plugged into The Gimp‘s pressure sensitive controls so you can make your lines thinner or thicker by pressing harder on the pen.

I also purchased something I have been wanting for a long time. I got a frigging iPod. Do you want to guess what color it is? Well, you guessed right if you said “red and black“. I’m still trying to get it to play porn though. I’ll keep you updated on that front.

I am also looking into joining a gym. While I like DDR and all, it really only works out like half my body so I thought a gym would be a good idea. I know they are expensive though with their cell phone-esque contracts. Here is my brilliant plan: I go use the ten day free trial at 24-Hour Fitness (which I found out is not open 24 hours. Why is that?) and then I go use the 10 day free trial at Toadal Fitness. One of three things will result: 1) I like Toadal Fitness better and sign up, 2) I like 24 Hour better and sign up, or 3) I find out I don’t like going to the gym as much as I thought and I don’t lose anything. Either way it’s at least twenty days of exercise.

Justin came to visit last night and we went out for sushi. What a great night. So great that I woke up and my knee hurts for some reason. Maybe I’ll wait a couple days before getting that gym membership.

In other news, I am rather ticked off by this. Now don’t get me wrong, I think a game about a real life example of kids shooting other kids is in bad taste, but it is by no means far off of things we already have. I wrote an email to the Slamdance association:

“To the organizers of the Slamdance Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition:

Please do not further the degradation of our civil liberties. It seems that every day we lose a little more freedom, and every loss justifies hundreds of others in the wake of its precedence. The damage you do here by enacting this censorship spans far beyond your own organization. Please, for the sake of the very principals of America and the things all of her citizens hold dear, recant your censorship.

Respectfully Sent,
Aaron Rhodes

I think my letter sums up my thoughts on the matter.

This weekend, more work on the couch, assuming I don’t smash my thumb with a hammer again.



Move along home, third schep!

So the diet is coming along nicely and seems to be the major topic of conversation. I suppose it is akin to a gladiatorial arena, with the hapless fighters swinging weapons of pastries and fast food at their opponents while protecting themselves with celery armor.

Last night I made a wonderful chicken soup. Here is the recipe:

Two chicken breast halves, skinless boneless (280 cal) grilled
Bunch of celery (45 cal)
Two yellow onions (90 cal)
Green onions (20 cal)
Chicken broth (80 cal)
Vegetable bullion (20 cal)
Half a head of cabbage (50 cal)
Crushed red peppers, white pepper, parsley, bay leaf.
Brew it up until the purple from the cabbage turns not purple. Total calories: 585. Makes about four meals worth of soup, so each meal = 146 calories. The secret is the spice! Warm spicy water feels so yummy going down eh?

JTF also pointed me toward some recipes from this French girl who wrote a book about American gluttony and French daintiness. Yeah, whatever. I liked the recipes though and they can be found here. I am trying out the magic leek soup trick this weekend.

I am well aware of the dangers of a low calorie diet, before you ask. It mainly has to do with lowered metabolism. I have taken this into account and I am countering it with excercise and lots of tea. I am also not planning on changing my diet back or falling off the wagon any time soon. Lately food has been a bit boring to me anyway and I can honestly say with the increased excercise and lower diet I am feeling rather spry and energetic. Much happier than before I started really. This is a good thing.

In other news, I really Really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to see this movie.

265 lb.


I forgot to post my current weight on my last post, so here you go!



2007 Go!

Well, out with the old in with the new. As stated, there is a bit of competitive dieting going on. We shall see how this thick, steamy competition plays out. I see that Ben is somehow opting out of a multi-person wager and into a battle, mono-e-mono. I guess that is fine but it means I lose more money if I lose. I guess I better not lose. If you are wondering what my diet plan is, it is a little simpler than some I have tried in the past. This one is called simply, “Eat less you fat pig and get a little exercise!” So, I guess I will try it out eh?

This weekend I am building a couch. That’s right, a couch. You ever buy a couch before? They are expensive. Not for me. I’m making one. A couch.

I have officially announced my candidacy for New Game Master. My game is running January 20th and it should be a blast … or I’ll suck. We shall see! The players will be determined by who comes to my house to roll their characters first. See how I did that? I tricked them into thinking they are winning something.

In other news, a few new fun places to visit:

- The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs “I invented the frigging iPod, have you heard of it?”
- The Dilbert Blog “There is no such thing as free will.”

Funny stuff.

I finished Final Fantasy XII and it was an excellent game! I am now working on Dragon Quest VIII.

Did I mention I am making a couch this weekend?