A Hole Lot of Trouble

So if there is a bad place where bad people go when they die, I will secure my seat there with this post. That’s your warning. Mom, you may want to skip this one.

A friend and I one day were talking about interesting things such as furries, plushies, RealDolls and combinations of these themes. You know, the usual topics. As mentioned in a previous post, of my favorite questions is, “If you had to be a furry, what animal would you be?” Try it sometime, it’s a great conversation starter. Another one is, “If you had a choice between an animal or a dead person and you had to choose…” That one is a great conversation ender! Well, that night our topics strayed into bestiality, as topics of this sort tend to do. We asked ourselves a new question: “What sex acts could be performed only on a certain animal?” A quick-fire banter of responses ensued ranging from sea anemones, unicorns, octopuses and elephants. The end result, however, had us on the floor. Dolphins! Of course! We found later that this idea was not new:

“Dad, what’s the blowhole for?”
“I’ll tell you what it’s not for, son. And when I do, you’ll understand why I can never go back to Sea World.”
- Chris and Peter in Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington

But, we assigned a term to the act: Blowholin’

Now you might at this time want to say, “Aaron, that’s going too far!” or you are losing your lunch. Either way, it’s funny to me. For a long time I resisted posting this on my blog because I … well, ew, you know? But, when I saw THIS I just could not hold it in any longer. I especially like the description, “This adorable plush orca features a realistic blowhole and a great facial expression.” There will never be a better tool for those interested in marine plushie bestiality.

Now all we need are plush zombies and the circle will be complete.



Three-hundred sixty

So there was rumor that the original Xbox 360 skew was dropping to $349 and included a HDMI port on the sly. I confirmed this rumor by purchasing one. It’s really an awesome system. I am most impressed with the live service and the ease of interaction between friends and the online community. For instance, I can create a multi player game and while I am in that game, a standardized interface allows me to invite my friends to play with me. If they accept and have the game I have, it pulls them right into the game I had created. Really nice! So far I have played Crackdown, Oblivion, Settlers of Catan, Worms, Carcassone and Halo 3 on it. Reviews coming soon. ;)

I also remembered I am turning 32 on Monday so I am making a little gathering at Britania Arms, Saturday at 7PM if anyone wants to join me. Please don’t worry about presents. If you must, I like things that are consumable.

The weekend after is the Bachelor Party. If you are one of the people invited to this bachelor party. That’s going to be pretty exciting. Just thinking about playing miniature golf naked really makes me think I nailed the planning on this one, not to mention the Furries vs. Klingons Bowling!

Recently went to Sparge! and that was a lot of fun. The weekend before I went to the Lagunitas Skunk Beer Train with Brian and it was really a blast!

Tomorrow I am going to see 3:10 to Yuma with my Mom and Doug. It looks like the best western since Tombstone!

Four weekends from now is Jackie and Mike’s wedding so all in all a super packed couple of months.



First comic

So stressed out right now. Just posted my first comic. I know it’s a first try and all but I really want to know what everyone thinks of it, in a brutally honest way. Tell me if you don’t get it or if it looks like crap. All that.

Here it is.