Dowdy Dowser

So my friend Mark Dowdy is in a terrible place, in a terrible way. Now I have been in pickles before, but… listen, we just need to get him back home. I took it upon myself to create something that I believe will give him the motivation to rise up and do what needs to be done. Let’s all have a listen, shall we?



Frightening month

I have had a birthday, a bachelor party, a wedding, several after parties and Halloween all in one month. I am pretty much wiped out. Just posting now to say my thanks to everyone.

Mom and Doug, thanks for the great bathroom stuff. Be seeing you on Turkey Day!

Mike and Jackie: Thanks for having me at these great events.

Ernie: Thanks for all the help with the Rueben’s Tube and for being generally awesome and for the fire wood.

Randall and Vinny: Thanks for all the wonderful food you have put out this month and for having the last refuge for Halloween.

Brian: Thanks for all of the hard work and the long drives to Santa Cruz and for providing all of the beer. Really sorry we weren’t able to try the Jubilation. Welcome back into the game.

Steve Shiro: Thanks for providing me an excuse for grievous revenge.

Adam: Thank you for the boob shaped mug.

Ben: Thanks for ponying up on that tablecloth. It means a lot.

And thanks everyone else for making everything run smoothly.


P.S. I am enabling CAPTCHAS on the comments because of spam.

P.P.S. I can’t believe nobody bought me the plush dolphin for my birthday.