Mr. Hugs

First order of business, I have been hired at Falafel Software as an employee. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and I am really learning a lot there. This is really great news for me, I couldn’t be happier.

Next, the previous post mentioned Pirate Fest. I am very excited that this is finally off the ground. With all the goings on in the last year, I was really wondering when I would have time to pull this off. There was a chance I would be buying a full 18 foot pirate ship, but it was destroyed before I could claim it. There was also some talk of renting a house boat from which to pillage a small lake, but the average price per person was about $200 and that seems to be a stretch for most. So back to Mt. Madonna, assuming it has not burned to the ground.

In other news, I gave Geocaching a try. Dowdy and I roamed around Santa Cruz, GPS in hand and found many treasures. In all we found a dinosaur, a 2 pence English coin, a happy face pin and a guitar pick. We also noticed a cave while we were treasure hunting. After dodging the local denizens and hopping a fence, we made it to the cave and found that it lead to a secret magical garden, the likes of which we had never seen. Don’t believe me? Ask, and I will show you sometime. It was great exercise and made us feel like we were Goonies.

Upcoming adventures include Sparge, my bi-annual family camp-out, Maui and PAX.

I also purchased a new board game called Talisman which has been a delightful nostalgic journey. Many hours George Holbert and I spent traveling the board in search of the Crown of Command. Now I am asked almost daily by Mike and Jackie come play with them.



Santa Cruz Pirate Fest 2008

This year lads and lasses there be no holdin’ back!

We’ll plunder and ravage,
growl like a savage
dastardly piratin’ horde.

All who would pillage
a quibblin’ village
are welcome to swagger aboard.

Our mark will be made
With a buckle-swash blade,
As we steal away with our hoard.

And we’ll game till we’re bust
On drink, food and lust,
With no one to call our lord.

-Captain Groggy Swagger