Two months of pain, and it fealt so good

I am finally done with Ren Faire, PAX, family camp outs, weddings and whatever else I was doing for the last couple months. It was a lot of fun, but I’d like my weekends back please.

PAX of course was a great trip. More than I could have asked for.

Ren Faire was really great. This year I spent with the Archery booth and I have to say, they are a wild bunch. I learned how to play beer pong, we raised $1200 for breast cancer research in the crudest way possible, we played a game called “Graffiti Night” where we created our own T-Shirts by drawing on each other, there were strange drinks such as “Prairie Fires” and “Snakebites” and overall I spent a fraction of the money I usually spend at faire. I think I actually saved money by going.

Now I am leaving for Maui on Saturday. I have never been there before but I assume this will be a very relaxing week. I am planning on doing some snorkeling, boating, fishing, jungle exploring, pirating, beach sleeping, swimming, ogling and maybe I’ll slip in one or two of these “Chunky Monkeys” my co-workers keep telling me about.

Still working on the boat thing. If you don’t know about it yet, I am trying to buy a sail boat and live aboard it. This is a huge lifestyle change and one intended to lessen expenses, follow a dream and get one step closer to being a real pirate. And yes, I am dead serious you land-lubbers!

Also, I turn 33 tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll be having a party. I’m too busy. One thing I’ll ask though is, in light of the new move, consider that the last thing I need is more “stuff”. I am trying to get rid of 2/3 of my possessions as it is. I am not sure what I will need once I get aboard this sailing vessel I will soon call home, but let’s assume things that float, generate power, catch fish, generate water or find my global position based on the location of the stars might be on that list. Maybe next year is a better year to shop for me.

That’s all for now.



LHC World Pool

In light of past debates, on this momentous day when the Large Hadron Collider near Switzerland has been powered up, I decided to start an office pool.

For some reason or another I didn’t get any responses, so I am opening it up to the world! If you wish to join MY pool, donate $1 to my PayPal account HERE. Be sure to add to the notes section of the purchase which Time vs. Effect you are choosing and a charity of your choice. I will add each donation email address to the appropriate slot as I receive them (slots are not limited to one address). I have created a reminder email that will be sent to me on the pool’s completion date by using Time Cave and I will divide up the pool and send the dividend to the charity of choice for each of those email addresses that are in slots that came true.

If YOU wish to create your own pool, HERE is the Excel spreadsheet that you can use around the office or on your own website. I appreciate a link back to this blog post if you use it.


P.S. I will not be participating in this pool myself and will not spend these donations nor retain any money past the completion date of the pool. All proceeds will be donated to the charities of the participants’ choices and if any conflict or mishap occurs in that there is no charity chosen or I am unable to locate one, the remaining proceeds will be donated to Child’s Play Charity.


PAX Day 2 & 3

Okay, so I had some trouble posting. There was too much time having fun and squeezing everything in!

More pictures can be found here.

I got to play D&D 4th edition. That was rad. We went on a neat quest. Played a bunch of games (I am installing Tabula Rasa at home now). I have SO much Schwag! The next post will be about all the schwag I collected.

Also had a great time at the party Saturday night. Got my ass kicked at Soul Calibur IV about 20 times. I have lost my touch since Street Fighter and Mortal Combat. The usual suspects were there including the honorable MC Frontalot and The Minibosses. Also a bunch of hot gothy punk-rock gamer chicks, which is braggable.

In other news, things are happening, things are moving. Maybe soon, things will be floating. More later.