FOR SALE: Update!

* Set of stoneware serving dishes that have wrought iron stands. $20.
* Extra large black fencing vest. $20.
* Goth DJ CD collection. $250.
* Randall MOTIVATED SELLER! $3.50 $2.00. 1.00 $0.25
* 47″ Vizio Plasma TV. $500.
* TiVo Series 2. $20.
* Pint glasses and Belgian glasses. Giving these away for donations.
* Costuming. Donations. Some pirate stuff already earmarked.
* Go-Ped gas standing scooter. $200.
* 7-in-1 gaming end table. $25
* Linksys 4 port router. $10
* Linksys 4 port hub. $5
* Knee high 60 hole Stompers boots. $20.
* Long black velvet blackout drapes. $20
* Pair of wall-hanging stained glass and wrought iron candle holders. $5
* Pair of spooky red tea light candle luminaries. $5
* Wooden pedestal. 1 foot square, good plant stand or place to use your computer mouse. $5.
* Green banker’s light. $10.
* Digital alarm clock. Lazer on top shines time on the ceiling. $5.



A Very Scary Pirate Halloween

This Halloween in an effort to create some sort of a theme while saving money, I am encouraging everyone to consider being an undead pirate this year for Halloween. We all have the costumes already, we just need to slap on some zombie colors. I will NOT be going downtown for the celebration because this just seems a little unwelcoming.

Speaking of pirates, I went to the harbor today and had to pinch myself. There is a pirate ship docked right at the mouth of the harbor! They are offering tours and it is a floating museum. Wow! When are we going everyone?!?

I forgot something that also must go. I cannot store the Rock Band set that I have. The game, bass, drums, microphone and a wireless Gibson guitar all go for $60.

If you need a list of anything of the items I am selling, please let me know. If you are unaware of how to contact me, my email address is

Having trouble getting a loan for the boat so far. I might have to switch to Plan B. One way or another though, I will be sailing the high seas.



Aaron’s Dream Fulfillment Liquidation Sale!

As promised, here are the items I have deemed not seaworthy and am therefore selling. I am giving first crack here for friends and family who want these things before I go to the dreaded craigslist for a whole new type of adventure.

First up, a set of stoneware serving dishes that have wrought iron stands. Very pretty, still new in the box, retail price is about $60, selling for $40.

Next is a key box. It hangs on the wall and matches the dark maroon like Bombay Company style furniture. It appears to be made of real wood and looks really classy. This is going for a donation of whatever you think it’s worth.

I have an extra large fencing vest. This vest is black, sleeveless and looks like a medieval doublet. It’s way cooler than the white side vests that pansy fencers use.

I have a 300 piece poker set. It has cards and dice and … poker chips in it. If you didn’t already buy one of these during the Texas Holdem fad of early 2002, now is your chance! $10 or most convincing bluff.

My beloved La-Z-Boy recliner. It is real leather, very comfortable. It retails for about $850. There is nothing wrong with it. It comes apart into two pieces for easy moving. I’m asking $400 or best offer.

Last but not least, my entire DJ CD collection. If you want to from sad panda to goth DJ in one fell swoop, this is the collection for you. Each case holds 60 or so CDs and there are about 30 more that don’t fit into the cases. You get them all, rare out of print CDs, cases and all, $1200 value for $300. I’m a little too lazy to list all of the CDs but I suppose I can if someone insists on it.

I have Randall for sale as well. He refuses to fit in any closets so sadly he must go. He sells for about $3.50.

Other items that I do not have pictures for yet:

* 47″ Vizio Plasma TV. Bought it about 4 years ago. Works great, HDMI, HD, 1080p, looks sweet with my XBox 360. Comparable plasma and LCD TVs go for about $1000 right now. Letting this go for $650 when I actually buy the boat. I have to entertain myself like a lubber until then.
* TiVo Series 2. It comes with an account that costs $7 a month and a network adapter so you don’t need to hook it up to the phone.
* Playstation 2 with a bunch of games and two controllers. I have Final Fantasy XII (awesome), Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, bunch of others that I could list on request. The PS2 is the tiny newest model and comes with a lot of memory cards. $200 for the whole kit and caboodle.
* Pint glasses and Belgian glasses. I have cases (not sure how many glasses exactly) of Maredsou gold rimmed Belgian beer flutes, Duval Belgian tulip glasses and Young’s English pint glasses (the big 20 oz kind). Giving these away for donations.
* Brew equipment. I have a 7.5 gallon mash tun with a bottom screen, spigot and thermometer. I have a 5 and 7 gallon carboy, funnel, screens, spoon, tubes, rack tube, water lock, bungs, teabags, counter-flow wart chiller, CO2 canister, serving equipment, growlers, bottles and kegs. This is about $1500 in brewing equipment. Either hand me $600 to own all of it, or someone can offer to be a steward of this equipment which means you store and use it but I can take it back whenever I need it back.
* Keggerator. This bad boy is a refrigerator designed specifically to hold a single 15.5 gallon keg or two 5 gallon kegs. It has a metal tower with two taps on it. Bought it new for $650 and Brian replaced the cheap plastic tower with the nice metal dual tap tower. The lines need to be cleaned but other than that it’s ready to serve up ice cold beer from a keg in the middle of your living room. Perfect for football season. Asking $350 for the system or an offer to steward it.
* Costuming. I have a lot of spare Renaissance, pirate and Halloween costume stuff including:
** Cardboard Tube Samurai
** Mario
** Nacho Libre
let me know if you want to rummage through the bins and fill out your costume needs. remember that if you want to come aboard my boat, you need to be wearing full pirate regalia.

That’s all I can think of right now. Thanks for shopping at Aaron’s Dream Fulfillment Liquidation Sale!



Maui pictures

Here are some pictures real quick of Maui. I have not pruned them yet so there are some that look like duplicates. They are not though, Adam just likes to take his pictures in triplicate.



Random thoughts before the storm

I am awaiting the Maui pictures before I post much about the trip. Also, there will be a video cataloging the experience. You will be entertained.

Right now, let’s go over some random thoughts of late. One of these was my friends telling me I would be a great stand up comic of sorts. I was musing about this because when the car/room/group is silent, I am constantly racking my brain for jokes. One liner, punch-line type jokes but I find I am not terribly brilliant at inventing these on my own, and reciting jokes created by others is somewhat less satisfying. For example … “What is George W. Bush’s stance on Roe vs. Wade? He doesn’t care how people get out of New Orleans!”. Brilliant, but not mine. The most I come up with is some elaborate pun. My friends though said, “Your funny bits are your stories, not your jokes.” I think they are right. I began to tell them the story of how I went on a date with a dwarf. Not just a date either … yeah, I went there. It’s a true story too! My years in the military and in the goth scene have given me a lot of material of that sort. I don’t even embellish the stories, it’s just in how I tell them I guess. So I am going to think a little more about that. Not being a stand-up comic mind you, but maybe in what I think and talk about to be amusing. I’ll drop the jokes and maybe work a little on the comedy style to slant toward story telling and do some reading on how to deliver that style of comedy well.

I was thinking about pizza lately. Did you like that segue? Here’s the thing. When you are with a group of people and you are hungry, the worst thing you can do to make yourself happy is order a pizza. It arrives and for some reason, everyone thinks because it comes in convenient slices that don’t require eating apparatus, it belongs to everyone. The really generous people will toss your $3 which seems to grant them free reign of your $28 + $5 tip pizza. In the end, you get to fight for maybe 4 slices of that bad boy while everyone else in the room is glad you were the one hungry enough to order pizza before they did. I have the solution! My friends Jeff, Kevin and Julio recently discovered that (edit)*extra cheese, jalapenos, mushrooms, kalamata olives and anchovies* go great together. It occurs to me however that the combination would probably send the average person running to barf in the nearest flower pot. Sprinkle some hot peppers on that pie and you can leave it out on the counter and safely refill your beer without fear that you’ll come back to the last lonely slice mocking you from the middle of the greasy cardboard. I know I have done this with other forms of food as well, “Sure you can try my chili. It’s made with 12 parts capsicum and one part love.” The fact that not everyone likes Belgian style beers does not go unnoticed as one of its positive qualities. Is this perhaps why people eat fermented cabbage and goat testicles? I am starting to think so.

In other news, if I have this weekend free I am planning on doing Spring cleaning. I know it’s not Spring but I can never tell the seasons apart in Santa Cruz. The goal is to:

A) Clean my filthy apartment.
B) Throw away, sell, give away or donate stuff that I don’t need.
C) Put in storage or indefinitely lend out stuff that won’t fit on a boat.

I should have a list of things in categories ‘B’ and ‘C’ posted up here after I am done so everyone can offer to buy or take stuff.

One major problem I am going to have is the Black Shenanigan. I am trading a fake boat for a real one and I don’t know what to do with the four palettes, masts and sails, rebar and ropes that make her up. I would like people to mail me suggestions on how to resolve this situation. Be creative. Keep in mind I will have access to a real boat so there we might be able to work that into the next Santa Cruz Pirate Fest somehow. Does someone know of a private beach that can be rented? A public beach that can be camped on? Let me know!



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