I am playing this iPhone game called mafia. It’s pretty cool I guess. I played a game a while ago called Tanoth and if I had to guess I would say they were created by the same people. In short you fight people and commit crimes for experience and money and you can similarly be attacked by other people who play. You are trying to build a large family, buy enough weapons and armor and invest in real estate so your family can thrive. It’s a good distraction when I am waiting for something.

I thought I would jot down some strategies that I have noticed just for fun.

1) Don’t buy health points. In fact, keep your health low. If you are low on health you cannot be attacked.

2) Buy real estate. Save up and buy a lot of it before you start buying equipment that has an upkeep cost.

3) If you attack someone and you get a lot of money from winning the fight, go to “My Hood” and you can click on the link to that person and attack them again and again, and you know aready that you are going to win!

4) Always put money in the bank, especially before you fight and before you quit the game.

5) I believe that attack is more important than defense. I have no evidence but I think defense only mitigates damage and attack is how likely you are to win the fight, and losing health is kind of a good thing. I have been putting all of my zen points into attack so far and it’s working pretty well.

The whole “family” thing had me confused at first. What happens is if someone joins your family, your family count goes up by one and so does theirs. What this does for you is give you more people to hold guns and such to raise your attack and defense power. You don’t actually join someone’s family so you are not stuck with them like a guild. That means it is a god thing.

My family code is 379 778 489. If anyne is playing, please leave your code in the comments.