I have some pictures to share. First, come take a look at my latest sailing trips HERE!

I also took a picture of a manhole cover.

Notice there are little crosses all over it. My question is, are the crosses to keep the vampires out of the sewers?

Now, I need some pictures from you. I was inspired by Spinnwebe’s “Left Nipple Collection” and a picture of Brian’s left nipple that he sent me one day. I would like to associate a picture of as many left nipples in my phone contact list as I can. So, if you could please email me a picture of your left nipple and your phone number, each time you call me I will be greeted on my iPhone with a full-sized image of your food-dispensing or vestigial valve depending on your gender. I am asking for your phone number because I recently borked up my phone contact list with an ill-fated iTunes sync. As an example, I have provided a picture of my left nipple that you can use in your phone if you would like!

Thanks all and have a great day!



Out of the weeds

Forgive me blogsphere for I have procrastinated. It has been two months since my last post.

Work has been busy lately, compounded by a new gaming group that I have joined and of course the always addictive World of Warcraft.

Things that have happened in the last two months:

- I went to a conference in Vegas
- I have gone sailing a few times
- Brian got engaged
- The Donegans moved into their new house
- Randall and Vince are about to have their baby daughter
- I filed my taxes

All very exciting, except for that last bit. At least I am a little happier about where my money is going this year.

Pirate Fest
is coming up (July 17th) as well as Ren Faire (Sept 12th) and PAX (Sept 4th).

On a final note, there was an article written about me in a local online news site called The Cournalist. Let me preface this article by saying that it were me crew that were tipping too much grog, not I. We had a perfectly fine time of herding cats and filling me sails with wind. I would like to thank Graham, Daniel, Dowdy and Jordan for being a merry crew.