My latest obsessions

My latest obsessions include watching TV series’ that I once avoided but now seek out because I have exhausted the Netflix library. This currently includes Smallville, Hercules, Sliders, Survivor and a few other odds and ends. Ones that I have finished in this way are Always Sunny in Philadelphia, SeaQuest, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory and a few others that I cannot remember at the moment. Fun!

Now, THIS is something that I have been obsessing over as well. Thanks to Wil Wheaton for pointing this talent out to me. She made a CD that I am probably going to buy, also I see this girl going on to do great things.

Yesterday I went sailing with my neighbors on their Catalina 30. It was great to be on a boat where I am not the one who has to pay attention. It was also neat to check out their cool boat. So much room! I think I want to move up soon.



Gettin’ your cheap on!

I like to collect cool things to do in Santa Cruz. By that I mean the cool deals and cool events on certai ndays so I have a list of things I can do on a given day. I thought I would list some of them here.

Hulu’s – Friday – Sunday you can get all-you-can-drink mimosas in three different flavors for $10.

Crow’s Nest – Wednesday is all night happy hour; half price appitizers and $3 well drinks and pints. Get there early if you want a table!

Hindquarter – Monday is all-you-can-eat beef ribs. Yummy!

Buffalo Bell – $0.49 wing night on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They don’t bread their wings which I think is way better than the over-breaded wings at most other places. Some argue that without breading it doesn’t hold enough sauce and they are wrong.

Santa Cruz Gamers – Here is something you can do for free if you like board games. We are playing tonight if you would like to join us. You don’t need to bring anything, just show up at Woodstock’s Pizza at 6pm!

Costco – They certainly don’t need my endorcement but consider this: If you go there on a Saturday or Sunday you can literally eat enough samples to have lunch for free. When approaching your would be free food vendor, I suggest looking at them like you are truly interested in their product and might buy a large parcel of said product if only you could try a sample first. After your sample is in hand, nod a couple times and walk away while thinking, “Sucker…”

Also, in the course of writing this blog post, I found out about this blog that is devoted to this very subject and allows you to sort by day, type of food, etc…