A letter to the USA Network

So I was watching “Mission to Mars” on TV one day on the USA Network. I enjoy a good sci flick and I actually own this movie on DVD but it was good background noise. Well my favorite part of the movie at the end where they go into the face and the hologram starts I am watching. Now there is normally this part in the hologram they are watching where the alien takes a strand of DNA from it’s chest and places it in a ship that then leaves Mars and flies to Earth and all the astronauts go “Oh, the Martians seeded Earth with their DNA. That’s how life started on Earth! We are their descendants!” To my surprise, this chunk of the movie, which happens to be the central twist in the plot, a part of the movie that without would be totally pointless, was edited out! Now can anyone here think of a single reason that the central plot point like that would be edited out of a movie? Raise your hands if you can. Okay good, Jimmy can you tell me what that reason is? That’s right! It’s anti-creationism! Here is my letter to the USA Network for which I have so far gotten no response:


My name is Aaron Rhodes, father of two children, a daughter of 11 and a son of 13. We were watching television on Sunday after church, September 11 3:00pm EST, and noticed the scheduled program Mission to Mars. My son is very interested in astronomy so we decided to watch the movie. I had seen this movie before and was appalled at the anti-creationism theme in the latter part of the movie, so I decided to sit with them to watch the movie so I could explain to them that this was purely fiction. To my surprise, this segment of the movie was joyfully removed in your broadcast and there was no need for me to do so! You may have found a newfound friend of the USA network. My question is, will future movies be edited in this way? It would be a relief to me to know I could allow my children to watch movies shown on the USA Network without having to oversee them at times for fear of them witnessing themes that go against our beliefs.

I look forward to your response!

Aaron Rhodes

So I suppose the smart thing for them to do is to not respond to this letter, but it makes me sad. I am sad that my tax dollars are being spent on an “anti porn taskforce” who are seeking to ban pornography depicting consenting adults marketed to adults, despite the multitude of other things our government should be focusing on, like not spending money on censoring and reducing the rights of it’s citizens. I am sad that the Kansas School Board wants to force science teachers to read from The Bible in science class. I am sad that books to this day are being banned in the US and nobody even notices. Well, I hope someday I can be proud of being an American again.



  1. aaron, you have kids??? who’s the *LUCKY* girl? :-p

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