A new era

I came into NextSpace today to see everyone gathered around the projector in the cafe area eating breakfast food and watching the inauguration. Everyone cheered when Biden took the oath, yelling, “Finally, Chaney is gone!” I was moved by the musical piece that was played. Obama took his oath and everyone cheered again, loudly. The feeling I had is, “Finally, I have a country that I can potentially be proud of again.” Obama’s speech was inspiring. I want all of those things to happen. I want the greed, waste and arrogance to stop. I want us to take responsibility, put our noses to the grindstone and become the leading example for the world once again.

In other news, on Saturday we had game day at Kevin’s house. That was a lot of fun and his wife and him are very good hosts. It is always a pleasure to visit. We played a game called Mutiny that was pretty fun though I see some obvious holes in the strategy of the game. It would take some more trials to see exactly how much they could be exploited.

I also tried out the BBQ last night. I cooked some ahi tuna steaks, melted edam cheese on top, onto a cheese roll with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and some tarragon. I also grilled some nice mushrooms (I forget what they are called) and had some raspberries and blueberries. It was my first home cooked meal on board and it verified that I have all of the tools and such that I need for doing a barbecue.

Also, I made level 80 in WoW. That’s pretty exciting. Now I can start doing some real raids again.



  1. wooo the patch is here.. also when you log in, they refunded all the shammies talent points. So you get a free respec. Just make sure to pick up all your spells again.

  2. julio Santos says:

    dont raid without doing some heroics first, and dont do it heroics without doing some level 80 instances first. well, I didn’t follow my own advice and jumped right in naxx 25 with quests blues on my rogue. wow, bad.

    i haven’t been there with my dk yet, sticking to 5-mans for now

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