A new era

So today I replaced the battery in the scale (thank you Jeff and Leanne). The thing still doesn’t work right. It’s intermittent at best. Grrrr!!! I guess I will have to settle on an amicable compromise with my opponents in health to buy a new scale.

And now for my new segment called …

Things I am About Done With!

- I am about done with movies in which Eddie Murphy plays more than one character or wears a fat suit.

- I am about done with jewelry commercials where the guy is an asshole for no reason until he spends a couple thousand dollars.

- I am about done with movies on the Sci-Fi Channel that are created by flipping to a random page in the D&D monster manual, picking a monster that will escape into civilization causing terror and death until it is vanquished by an unlikely hero and girl who manages to trip and fall 20 times during the course of the movie.

- I am about done with Big Pharmaceutical commercials where the actors try to list the possible side-effects as if it was part of a casual conversation with their friends and/or family.

And finally…

- I am about done with vehicle sticker fads. What is with this? Do I really care if you are a Christian race car enthusiast with a wife and two kids who play soccer, originally lived in Orange County and prefer Fords over Chevys … as you cut me off?!? Hell no I don’t! Get back in the right lane and finish your frigging phone conversation!

Until next time,



  1. Anonymous Well Wisher says:

    I like your latest icon. You look like the coolest guy in Southpark.

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