A picture says 1000 words

Okay, just to break in here with a little comedy. Here are some pictures of the last faire excursion:

Brian getting undressed.

Oops, he’s dressed again.

Brian getting a soda from the machine.

Brian laying on the ground after experiencing the flash of a yet unexplained camera while getting a soda.

Mike D wearing his most popular expression which looks something like, “I’m really wasted, life is perfect.”

Mike D and Ben Matterson commanding the USS Stumble. “Number One, I order you to go get me another ale.”

Now this just struck me as funny. It is the visual warnings of what things you should and should not do to a CD upon penalty of death. Let me translate:

- Do not allow Pigpen from Peanuts to handle the CD.

- Do not point directly at the CD.

- Do not use noisy party favors near CD.

- Do not draw a large “X” on your CD.

- CDs are unable to hold any volume of water.

- Thunder clouds and lightning are A-O-K.

- Feel free to store your CDs next to a thermometer.

- I take back what I said about not drawing on your CD.

Another amusing global translation for a bathroom soap dispenser:

- Sometimes people will fight over the soap in the bathroom.

- In the event that a fight breaks out, pull tab up and then down. An air mask will fall from the ceiling in front of you.

- Apply soap to battle damaged areas.

- Because this is a visual instruction designed to be language independent, let me print some random English words here to piss you off.

- Again, expect more grapples and uppercuts to the delicate soap dispensing equipment.

- Note that after the second fight, your soap will change color.

- Now here comes the hard part. Find someone with only three fingers…

- Avoid skin or eye contact with the laser beams.

Also, updates in the Photos and Friends areas.



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