A pirate’s life for me

On Sunday Randall and Vince and I went sailing. They brought a gallon of grog as tribute and a phatty sammich for us to gnosh on. We played a game of Ivanhoe and then cast off for the high seas. The launch was the worst yet; I had a clever idea about how backing up worked but it did not pan out like I had expected and we ended up going backwards the wrong way out of the slip. With some careful maneuvering and some help with a long pole we turned her around and were underway. The tabernacle went smoothly and we cleared the bridge. A quick call to the harbormaster and we got to show our colors and our calls to Aldo’s and the Crow’s Nest. Cheers came back tenfold and I now know that the true age of piracy has begun.

Out of the harbor there was not enough wind to properly move so we motored out to about 2 miles. Raising the sails on the way, going over some terms and orders, we finally cut the engines. Nothing is quite like the transition from the glug-glug of a diesel engine to the sound of wind whipping over your sails. Nothing. It is a banishing of crude mechanics from your mind to be replaced by pure, natural beauty. Here are some pictures of us being pirates:

We took ‘Rock N Roll’ out further than I ever have before, I think we went about 3.5 miles out. Along the way, past the mile marker Randall noticed shapes below the water, which was clearer than I thought possible. We saw jellyfish for the most part. Here is a couple pictures I caught with my new digital camera:

We tried to make it up far enough north to ogle the nude beach with the spyglass but the wind was not in our favor for northward progress. We turned south for a little wing-on-wing and got pretty close to the surfers at the point. Back down again to the harbor and we sailed all the way into the mouth before we cut to the engine.

It all is really getting easier each time and every trip is a chance to learn. I also must say, I am enjoying this very much. Please everyone, don’t hesitate to show your interest and let me know when you are available.

I had thought we were meeting up with Justin and Jenn but it seems that was a slight miscalculation of dates and they are coming next Sunday. Well, that’s no problem for me! We’ll just meet next weekend for some sailing. I have some spots free, who wants to go sailing?


NOTE: I did not really take those pictures of the jellyfish. It seems some people were confused so I just wanted to clarify that.


  1. those are some great pix.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what the hell is a Portuguese man of war doing in the Monterrey Bay?

  3. The two species we saw were Sea Nettles (the long yellow ones) and the Moon Jelly.

  4. I was not even invited… PFFT!!! There will be a mutiny do you hear me!! MUTINY!!!!!

    -Jordan AKA Iverson the Red.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Randall looks like the poster boy for sailing on the bay.

  6. Jordan Halls says:

    Call me re: fishing on your boat tomorrow.

  7. If only it were a shorter trip from Vegas, aye, I’d be there.
    Congrats, fine Sirs, and let the sun shine in yer face and the wind be in yer sails…

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