So Knott’s ended up being a bust. Should have bought tickets in advance, but maybe not. When we got there it looked more like the gang rally from The Warriors than an amusement park, not to mention the prices the scalpers were charging. Scalpers? At an amusement park? So we ended up just having a few drinks over at the Claim Jumper across the street. We did go to Medieval Times and had a blast. Our knight ended up being the victor even. Blue knight RULES! Overall the trip was great. Justin also got me a great late birthday gift, a game by Steve Jackson Games called Munchkin! Plan on seeing this bad boy at the next Sparge! or duct taped to my chest for safe keeping.

In other news, I’m playing DAoC still and it’s nice. I need to get the new smaller room.

Music pick: Midnight Syndicate – Who would have thought of making a CD of music designed to play Dungeons & Dragons to?

Movie pick: Matrix: Revolutions – I’m peeing my pants in anticipation.

Game pick: Munchkin! I have a level 7 dwarf wizard with a mace of sharpness and kneepads of allure. Ha!

Book pick: Quicksilver Yes I read books… Sheesh!



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