I have slept on the boat 4 nights now. I really dig it! There is totally enough room to do whatever I want, I have adjusted to the food situation, I am getting internet today hopefully and I am about ready to go get those sailing lessons. It is a little cold at night and in the mornings right now so I am going to go look at space heaters today. Not that I am cold in bed, that’s fine. My mom got me some really great sheets and the fitted sheet has elastic all the way around it so it fits pretty well on the V berth. I use one of those fuzzy acrylic blankets with the quilt my grandma made on top and it’s plenty warm. Randall brought over a great fishing reel so now I just need the sea fishing rod and some tackle and I am set. I looked into fishing seasons and it seems in the winter you can only fish for sand dabs and halibut … and crab. So I was planning on getting a couple crab pots. It seems you just drop the crab pot wherever you want and it has a float on top. You take the GPS coordinates and leave them there for a day. Just that easy!

Everything I own has either been sold or given away now except the gas scooter and I am considering keeping that. Today I should have everything else moved into storage. I am giving up on the microwave idea. Most microwave food is frozen so I cannot justify it. Instead I am going with a rice cooker after reading this article.

Here is a list of things I still need if anyone is not using them:

* Rice cooker
* Space heater
* Sea fishing rod
* Crab pots
* Blankets



  1. Hey A, I have a small microwave in the garage that you can have if you want.

  2. I’ve got a small space heater for you.

  3. I might bring you a quilt.. it depends on how much space i have in my luggage.

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