America is back! … unless you are gay of course.

Well, it was a great election. I feel very proud of our country today. Last night I was in tears of joy. I went downtown dressed as a pirate colonial and drank a pint at the Poet and Patriot. I feel like America is back, and I think so does the rest of the world. We needed this.

There was a lot of talk about how momentous the occasion is because our president elect is black and I have to wholeheartedly disagree. When I saw him speak for the first time, the color of his skin never entered my mind. I think a lot of my generation agree that his race played no role in our decision to like him and truly want him to lead our country. We have moved on from that. We have outgrown that way of thinking. There is no longer a majority of people in America that believe race matters, and it becomes more true over time. This fact is what makes me proud today.

Unfortunately, America still has to outgrow the way it thinks about sexuality. This is the last frontier of equality and we are so close, but the numbers don’t lie. We cannot explain away the votes by blaming false campaign messages or lack of trying. It comes down to the people that voted to take rights away from other people because of how they live. Like all of the civil rights issues in the past, this will be overcome, but it will take time to convince people that they don’t need to be afraid and time for those who can’t be convinced to pass on. I have confidence that we will overcome this in the future and for all of my friends and other people who are directly affected by this, you have my condolences and support.

For now, I can’t wait until we take out the trash in the White House and add some real class to the place.


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