I turned 28 today. Yay!

Wanted to share a little tidbit that has been running through my mind lately.

So, I was talking to a co-worker. Here where I work I am the youngest person here, by about 20 years. I’m always referred to as “the young buck” or whatnot and my hair gets such ridiculous comments as, “Did you spill ketchup on your hair?” This irritates me to no end because I look at them and just see the struggle to be normal boiling within them. “Maybe if I bought a metallic tan Toyota I would blend in more,” they think to themselves while fingering their baby blue button shirt and tan khakis. Okay, back to the co-worker. So he bought an electric scooter that he used to get to and from the bus stop. I thought it was a great idea, in fact I went out and got my own gas powered one and use it for all kinds of things. Can’t beat 220 miles to the gallon. So it sat in his office for a while and I asked him why he stopped riding it. His response, “I feel like a Klingon.” What is this term you ask? Certainly not that he has ridges on his forehead and a tendency to eat without utensils. No, this guy (who I consider the hippest of the guys I work with) says that a “Klingon” is someone who is older but hangs on to younger ideas. You know, I was just bowled over by this. I was infuriated in fact that such a term exists. I never would have even considered that acting young in your aging years would be looked down on. After giving him my blunt opinion of that, it did make me think.

So when I’m 50, will I be dying my hair blue? Will things really change for me? If I didn’t change, would people think I’m more of a freak than they do today? If I do change will I look like I gave up? I went to the Restoration Ball up in San Fran and saw this guy, he must have been 50 or 60. He was dancing the whole night, dressed in a cross of 80s glam and goth but you know, he was my hero that night.

So that’s when I got a wild hair up my ass. I was worried for about two years what my job would think if I had dyed hair. I told them that I had had it and I was changing it because I like it and if they didn’t like it they could go to heck. Mind you it is only symbolic for me, the hair I mean. It’s a symbol to me that I am remembering who I am. I was afraid I would forget.

My plan? I’m never growing old, no matter how silly it looks.


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