Cozumel: The Bad

No vacation would be complete without a few mishaps. Here is the story of the bad.

On the first day I thought it would be a good idea to stick all of my cash, credit cards and ID in a ziplock bag and put it in my pocket so I could go swimming with it. Turns out, it didn’t keep the water out and it floated…. out of my pocket… far away into the wild blue ocean. It is good to travel in groups though, Jordan was able to lend me some money to hold me over for the trip. Geed news, did not lose my passport!

In the course of the trip there was a lot of swimming. This lead to some painful ear conditions that affected Jordan, Jackie and me. It didn’t feel good and there were days where some of us didn’t feel like coming out to play.

There must be something in the water down there in Mexico because we also universally developed a surprising number of gastronomical conditions. We took the liberty of naming them:

- Chum butt
- Mud slide
- Inking
- Whooosghe
- Bubble gum

Senor Frog’s: This place was freaking annoying. We went to the one before the ferry and it was somewhat annoying. The one in downtown Cozumel was outright obnoxious. We were seated and accosted by multiple clowns, head shaking shot givers, sombrero picture takers and a DJ that was yelling out things such as, “Yiy, yiy, yiy, arrriba, andele!” The menu outside had different prices than what was inside, I am sure you can tell why that is. There were more waiters than tables and our waiter was more than dismayed when we decided that one beer was enough and we wanted to leave. He took the liberty of clearing our tables and increasing the price of our beers while the clowns accused us with their eyes of killing their puppies.

Texans. Many of the people there were from Texas. With a few exceptions, they were very rude people. They must really dislike these very polite and friendly people who were waiting on them hand and foot because they made it clear that no such courtesy would be reciprocated. Sometimes it was hard to watch.

That was the story of the bad parts. One segment left to reveal, I challenge you to guess the title.



  1. Anonymous says:

    CHUM BUTT.,…thats the best

  2. I’m in Cozumel at te moment and I couldn’t agree more on the texans. I have travelled the globe and met great Americans. I have yet to meet even a semi decent Texan.

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