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  1. Jordan "ramrod" Iversen says:

    So you won’t be depositing your money in banks anymore? Will your company pay you in cash?

    I am all for cutting debt, paying off cards and loans, but I think you will need to have a bank for practical purposes. Plus, if you have all of your money on board, you are more susceptible to Pirate attacks…

  2. GO and GET ‘EM

  3. You are right Jordan. It’s hard to live life without an ATM card, direct deposit and online bill payments. Does anyone know of any alternatives that will not invest my money? The part I hate most is they loan us money for outrageous rates but borrow our money and give us a fraction of a percent. I would rather pay a nominal fee for the conveniences of a bank so they don’t go play monopoly with my money.

  4. Jordan "ramrod" Iversen says:

    I am not sure what bank you are using now, but I may suggest a local credit union. I use Bayfed, and so far have felt that they are pretty good. All banks will invest your money to some degree, but I feel more comfortable working local if I can.

    Just make sure you don’t give them any extra money by paying off any credit cards on a monthly basis and not taking out loans if you don’t have to.

  5. I second Jordan’s suggestion. I’ve been with Bay Federal Credit Union for longer than I can remember. They have good customer service and a pretty decent number of ATMs in Santa Cruz County. I like that I am a member and not a customer. If you can maintain a minimum balance there will be no fees. I’m not sure exactly what the minimums are at this time, but it is easy to get that information.

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