Exciting stuff!

Many things happening, which is no excuse for not posting!

Pirate Fest
is in 3 weeks. Woo hoo!

In 4 weeks I go to Cozumel for a whole week with Mike, Jackie, Jordan and Anna. I am sure we will behave ourselves.

I am again playing Diplomacy. I cannot reveal what country I am playing or which countries plan on brutally stabbing me in the back at this point, but I promise I will.

Recent movies:

Year One – Okay.
Land of the Lost – Loved it.
Star Trek – Best movie of the year, will be hard to top. I hope the franchise continues!

Recent TV shows:

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! – Pure trash. Enjoyed it.
Stargate SG1 – re-watching the whole 10 seasons in preparation of Stargate Universe.
Legend of the Seeker – Like it
Burn Notice – Still my favorite show right now. McGyver lives!

Recent books:

Seven Seas on a Shoestring – Bought in an antique shop. Quite informative and interesting!

Recent games:

House of the Dead – Rail shooter zombie game. Nice and simple.
Agricola – Like Puerto Rico but a little more complex and fun to play.
Citadels – Fun card game with roles.

In other news, I love sailing.



  1. Anonymous says:

    you love sailing. I love lamp.

    I can tell you that in diplomacy aaron is playing a small country called "Petoria" and is not doing well.


  2. Mexcio Caribbean will rock

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