For a rainy day

I spent yesterday on my boat. The whole day loafing, playing WoW and watching some TV shows. The rain started coming down hard, and it is much louder pattering on a fiberglass deck than it is in a house. I found one of the hatches has a clamp that doesn’t tighten far enough to make a good seal, so with a little improvisation I was able to batten down properly, not a leak anywhere. I saw another boat with a tarp over the cabin, probably not a good thing. I was warm, dry, I had food, wine, entertainment. I kept getting this sort of floaty giddy feeling. It could have been partially the wine but Adam says it might be something called happiness.

There I was in The Old Kingdom. I was healing like mad, my group members running about this gigantic bug. The graveling sound of the hail came down just as my mana grew sparse. I called on my reserves and a potion to bring me up to a point where I could cast Heroism, invigorating my allies with a thirst for battle. The gigantic insect called out for aid and its minions came from all directions, soon finding purchase for their flailing limbs in my mail-clad body. The hail came just a little harder as I died, the two warriors very low on health. Seeing no area spells in effect and realizing that the minions who were pounding on me would now have cleared aggro I hit my reincarnate and got back into the battle. The hail reached a blaring crescendo as I narrowly threw a critical heal on the main tank and kept them up long enough to lay the monster low. Yay! Really I just wanted to write about the hail.

I am getting a custom set of flags made at Santa Cruz Softgoods which will look like the image at the top of this post. One will be a small storm flag and the other will be an ensign flag for when I am out on the water. There is nothing I enjoy owning more than something that I have designed and there will be only one of in the world.

I went to Dickens Faire last weekend with Jordan. We had some wonderful hot drinks, some great blackberry cider, some absinthe and we listened to Charles Dickens read from “A Christmas Carol”. We met up with some people from the archery booth from Ren Faire and Jordan was introduced as the next up and coming archer. We also saw the “Naughty French Postcard” show which had people in their birthday suits posing in naughty poses. It was fun, and pleasantly surprising. We were sitting next to an elderly couple who were quite enjoying it. We also got some free end of faire food which is always nice. For being on a budget we did pretty well for the trip.



  1. Jeffrey Fredrick says:

    Sounds awesome!

    I’ll have to come visit when the next storm comes through…

  2. go aaron go

  3. aww almost makes me wish it had rained when I visited. almost.. but not quite. hehe.

  4. Mark Dowdy says:

    Chili at my place tomorrow night — which you’d know if didn’t avoid the fun.

  5. Just a question, how would one get a hold of Captan Groggy if one would want to come drink cocktails on his boat this evening? I am trapped at work without my phone list or my cell phone. I believe that officially makes me lame.


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