Okay, I have something here I’d like to say. All these commercials on TV lately touting air sanitizers, kitchen counter sanitizers, toilet bowl sanitizers, and crap. Do they think we are stupid? Perhaps there is a percentage of the population who sees these product and believes it religiously, I don’t know. Here’s the thing though, are we supposed to believe that these last few hundred years our kitchen counters were killing off thousands of people due to “harmful germ” exposure? Lysol air sanitizer not only freshens the air, it kills germs! And toilet sanitizers? This must be for the benefit of our dogs who drink from the toilets? I’m just a little fed up with it. Not only because killing the germs on your kitchen floors probably doesn’t reduce our children’s germ exposure by a lot, but also because if it does limit that exposure, it seems to me that you would lose the natural progression of building your immune systems. I mean… if there is some way to get a little sick from some little germ somewhere, but you are never exposed to it, maybe later on in life when that person encounters it, their immune system won’t be ready for it. That’s just the way it seems to me. Like the more sheltered children that we know, the ones who aren’t allowed to go play in the mud, are the ones who grow up with a hundred allergies and are always sick. I’m no doctor, I could be wrong, that’s just the way it seems to me. I also have a gripe about the insurgence of disposable cleaning products. The toilet bowl cleaners that you throw away after using… because… we tend to accidentally lick the toilet brush? How about we just make disposable toilets? Bathroom cellophane perhaps? Yeah! Then you could finish brushing your teeth and peel away a layer of your bathroom, toss it, spray down a new layer with some cellophane sanitizer, freshen the air with some air sanitizer and a high powered UV light and PRESTO! You’re SAFE FROM GERMS!

And another note on disposable crap. Ummm… this product I saw on TV, Cellboost? This is insane! Are we really tossing this block of batteries for 60 minutes of cell phone power? Another one that gets to me is the lollipops with a battery, an electric motor in a plastic casing so… it rotates in your mouth. I swear, that should be illegal. Not to mention the thousands of trees we must be killing every day to offer people stupid fricken credit cards! Ugh! Sorry, I’m getting a little worked up here in my chair, but it’s all starting to wear on me how near-sighted, careless and greedy corporations of our age seem to be.

Well, that’s all for this rant. Maybe I need a beer.


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