Happy holidays!

Been a long time coming for an update, mostly due to the busy holiday season. I did finally get a couple of pictures of the finished and assembled bed.

I am very happy with it! A couple minor adjustments planned for it will be a 6″ futon instead of that really thick mattress, and some new sheets and pillows, as well as this neat black net that my mom and Doug got for me. Thanks to my dad for all of the help on the bed and for everything.

In other news, I saw The Return of the King last night and I’m speechless. They absolutely pulled off a trilogy of movies that is positively sure to be as pure and classic as the original Star Wars trilogy was. I just can’t say enough about it. Oh, and I have a bladder of steel.

This weekend I am going snowboarding for the first time. Never even been skiing before. Everyone is predicting that my ass will become acquainted intimately with the snow throughout this journey, well we will see. Very excited about it though.

Music pick: The Grid – The best in Texas techno!

Movie pick: The Return of the King – Uuubuuu. ub huuuuhhh..

Game pick: Chess! Teaching how to play has been a lot of fun. It’s such a simple game too, and interestingly enough one of the very few games in the world that is played with 100% skill and 0% luck.

Web pick: Queen of Wands – Fun comic.


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