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My last post was too short…

You see, the last 8 years of our government have at its core endeavored to control all of us with fear, treat us like idiots and steal from us. Our president didn’t even feel the need to answer our questions and only talked to us if he felt like he absolutely had to. Our civil liberties were eroded in the name of homeland security and yet we were less secure within our borders than ever before. Natural disasters went practically unnoticed while we sent our National Guard to foreign shores to fight a war backed by lies. We as a people were held in contempt, looked down on, ignored and in this age of mass communication nobody in the world was blind to it.

I talked to someone who is British. We were talking about the election and I asked, “Why do you care about our election? We don’t follow the elections of other countries with this much interest but it seems the whole world is on the edge of their seats about ours.” He answered, “Because weather we like it or not, the United States is the military and economic leader of the world, and what you do


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah its good to say “I love my country” again. And to have something called ‘hope’ damn it has been so long that I forgot what that word felt like to say.


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