I’m back baby!

Long time coming I know. There were numerous technical difficulties with my web hosting and they should all be hashed out now except that there is no forum now. I am hoping to soon replace that with a Wiki page but gimme a little time.

Updates in Aaron land… One of my greatest friends Mike Donegan has had a terribly trying past month and I have been doing my best to be there for him. I won’t really go into the details but if you want to go visit him, check out his site and see what’s going on. As mentioned before I have a new job. This is now more concrete and in direct proportion butterflies are now escaping from my proverbial tummy. I can tell you honestly that working an honest days work, driving home and slumping on your couch exhausted from a full day of cramming your head full of technology that you have no right absorbing is much more satisfying that sitting on your ass playing video games, though I still get a little of that in now and then. My sincere thanks to Jeff Fredrick and Jayson Minard for their help in getting me back on my feet, and you really don’t know how close I was to being a hobo. This market is tough!

In gaming, I am now a level 58 warrior on [censored] server [censored] side in the game [censored]. Okay, that was silly, and even more silly considering my personal stalker already knows which server I play on and has a level 60 character on that server… coincidentally. And despite the multi-various coincidental car followings, uninvited place of residence visitings, place of employment showing-up-and-starings, moving to my state, thirteen-phone-call-in-a-row-makings and pretending-to-be-someone-out-of-the-blue-online-meeting-to-show-me-she-isn’t-a-stalker incidents, I believe that her finding a new home in lovely Santa Cruz was also a coincidence. Okay, so yes, I’m having trouble sleeping at night. Which brings me to the next portion of my update, my favorite new links.

Sig Sauer
Smith & Wesson
Cold Steel

But really no relation to the text previous to these links or the fact that I am getting a restraining order.

Some things coming up, many parties. The perks to being a complete dork all the time around everyone you meet: you get invited to parties! Death Party, Rebirth Party, St. Patty’s Party X 2, Fashion Show Party X 2, Golden Showers Party (no, I wasn’t invited /cry). So a fun month for me.

In other news, I got a keg of Paulner’s Salvatore. I didn’t think it was possible, I’m still in shock but it’s here, in my keggerator. Mike Donegan came over and cooked me a fantastic German meal with vinegar bacon potatoes, pickled red cabbage and pork tenderloins. I have never tasted something so… okay, picture a cross between the harem scene in Conan the Barbarian and hardening arteries. But it was oh so gooooood….

Music pick: Mind in a Box – How did this escape me?!? Thank you Eugene and Amelia for the awakening!

Movie pick: Constantine – If only life were this easy.

Game pick: World of Warcraft – This is the greatest game created by humans in the history of the universe.

Web pick: Numa Numa – You actually have to wait a good while for this to load. Just take your time, go grab a snack, a glass of water, a phased tachyon pulse emitted through the sensor array to create a warp variance field. It’s worth the wait.


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