It can’t rain all the time.

Well, so, my newfound and wonderful girlfriend dumped me. No warning, never an argument, discussion or hint about it and very little in the way of an explanation. Just, “You are so wonderful,” one day and, “Goodbye,” the next. I am still in quite a bit of shock about it and don’t really know what to say beyond that. One thing though, I really fail to see how I am supposed to endure this over and over again and still have faith in the whole concept of a relationship. How after this happening for the umpteenth time am I supposed to have faith in marriage, partnership, children, love… I am sad that I have lost yet again someone who I thought was so superbly perfect, and that I was so easily discarded.

So, again I am turning over a new leaf, and you all know when I turn over a leaf it is one of those really big palm frond sized leaves that blow around in the wind and stir up lots of dust in their wake. My now motto these days is, “I need to find myself some new friends”. Not that any of my current friends will be neglected or forgotten. Most of them have decided to do that for themselves whether it be work, school, kids, wives, houses, distant cities or any number of things that are the fault of time itself which I have admittedly decided to ignore, I hardly see them anymore. So there are a number of extra curricular activities I am considering both for physical fitness and new people to hang out with. I am back on the fitness track because I have become rather rotund. Back to building things. Back to having fun. I have decided to cut alcohol out of my diet as well until I can fit back into my fancier clothing. Hopefully this will also give me a long span of clarity and contemplation.

So on a brighter note, I bought a puppy! Three of them actually! I have not named them yet but one is a German Sheppard who is mostly black. He is very friendly. I bet you are shocked reading this now, and yay you should be. However, I can tell you that I am a very lucky person to have found puppies who never shed, nor pee, nor poo, nor ever will get a terrible expensive health condition, nor die in a car accident, nor bite the neighbor kid for throwing a ball in my yard. That is because I have decided on having Nintendogs! So any time you’d like to come play with my dogs you are more than welcome to. If you miss the slobber, I am sure I can whip something up for you with a bit of egg white and water.

Welp, I don’t feel like writing anymore today. I think I will call my Mom. I need my mommy.


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