It’s TiVo time

So I got so fed up with commercials… our Comcast cable has this nasty little habit of airing all of the same commercials on all channels at the same time. So if you hit a commercial you are pretty much trapped. Answer: TiVo. It is configuring now and though they make the setup pretty simple and flexible, it is somewhat complex. I am looking forward to being able to fast-forward through commercials though. Also, I’m really into Stargate: SG1 lately, and their new offshoot series Stargate: Atlantis. From extensive ST:TNG watching, It is about a 1% chance that an episode will be on that I haven’t seen. I had taken SG1 for granted, I didn’t quite pay much attention to it, but it really is a neat show. I mostly like the themes that I liked in the Star Trek TV shows; the technology, the diverse alien cultures and solving problems. I’m happy to say that after 7 seasons, I finally have discovered a new show that does all of that brilliantly. I’m a little late on the uptake I guess. Well, coming up this week my friend Justin is coming up from Riverside to hang out for the week and that should be a lot of fun. Possible photos will follow.


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