La la la-la la la la la-la la la!

Okay, Halloween weekend. First off we all got together in an assembly line of face painting, latex brushing, hair dryers and shiny blue powder to finally pull off a feat they didn’t think was possible, 6 smurfs, Smurfette and Papa Smurf included. It was a smurfy day! Adam, Jordan, Tim, Anna, Brian and alltogether set foot in cars and emerged as cute blue elves who are constantly held in fear of being turned to gold by the mad, mad wizard Gargamel. It is interesting walking down the street as a smurf. People ask if it’ll get on them, and when you say ‘no’ then jump on you and then point at their friend who was standing in wait, ready to poach a picture. That, or people just want to see what your skin feels like clad entirely in liquid latex. Everywhere we went, cries of “Smurfs!” were screamed and bellowed at us in constant intervals, one second apart. The avarage walking distance before a photo what taken, 2 steps. What’s that? You want to see a picture allready? It ust so happens I have a picture, this one from the front page of the Santa Cruz Sentinal local.

I have more pictures, but having trouble extracting them from my phone at the moment. Expect to see them later when I get the gallery up and running.

Next night and I dressed up in our best clothes and masks and went to Mick’s Vampire Masquerade Ball and had a great time. There was this guy there who had a bunch of green glowy things and he made experimental music with it all. Very interesting to see. Also, Mick was the coolest guy in the world for lending me the outfit as the clothes I ordered from England hadn’t arrived yet.

Sunday night we got a chance to catch The Simpsons halloween special with Mike D and Meg. Mike made bread pudding and he had some great port on hand. Yummm!

There you have it, till next time.


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