LAN Party!

This is the LAN party to end all LAN parties. I live in a new big house and we have the high speed broadband service and woo! So we have to put it all to good use.

We will be playing:
* World of Warcraft
* Starcraft
* Dawn of War
* Halo2
* Mario Party 4
* anything else anyone wants to play.

What we will have:
* Beer and lots of it.
* Sleeping space and lots of it.
* Table space

What you should bring:
* Sleeping bag and pillow
* Clothing (please!)
* A computer if at all possible, we have no spares.
* Could someone bring a wireless router? (please let me know).
* Could use a couple 100mhz hubs (please let me know if you can bring one).
* If you want to play Halo2, please bring an XBox controller.
* Does anyone have a video projector?
* Any food you can bring is welcome. Gamers need fuel!

When is it?
* It is going to be from Friday the 27th at 5PM through Monday. Welcome to stay till Tuesday if you need to, but I go to work that morning (no matter how groggy I am).

Where is it?
* You must send me email for directions. Send it to and please say who you are.

Am I invited?
* If you are not Keri then you are invited.

See ya there!


Edit: Changed the length of the event because lo and behold, it’s Memorial Day Weekend

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