Living Aboard

Last night was my first night sleeping on the boat. I installed the 26″ LCD TV on the swing arm and I think I have the devices all worked out. I played on the XBox 360 last night. Totally sweet! Almost went out to dinner after moving in but realized that in all the excitement I wasn’t that hungry. Decided to turn everything off, open the hatch and listen to the sounds of the marina instead. Went to sleep and besides a few nightmares about the boat filling up with water, I slept really well. It was no colder than camping, a little bit more damp. The swaying of the waves was very comforting. Moving back onto dry land almost feels uncomfortable in comparison. Took my cargo bag to the bathroom and shower. The facilities are great! You get the shower (there are two of them) all to yourself with a lock on the door. It is actually better than using the bathroom in my studio because it is bigger and I don’t need to clean it. Overall, I am thrilled!


There are some things I need and if you have this stuff lying around I will buy it:

* Sea fishing rod and reel
* Travel bag big enough to hold a change of clothes, towel and bathroom bag.
* Crab pot
* Magma gas grill
* Microwave

Still stuff for sale. If you are reading it from this site, if it is under $20 you can take this stuff for free now. Need it gone sooner than later.

* Easel and drawing pad.
* Antique liquor decanters.
* Digital alarm clock
* Green banker’s light.
* Wooden pedestal.
* Candle holders.
* Long black velvet blackout drapes.
* Knee high 30 hole Underground boots
* Linksys 4 port router
* Linksys 5 port switch
* Go-Ped gas standing scooter
* Extra large black fencing vest
* Set of stoneware serving dishes that have wrought iron stands



  1. I wish I could give you my microwave that is just sitting in storage. However I dont think it will handle the plan trip down there very well. >.<
    le sigh.

  2. *plane

  3. I’ll take the digital alarm clock, the bankers lamp, and the wooden pedestal off of your hands. I’ll call you tomorrow.

  4. absinthedreams says:

    dude, i cant believe you are living on a boat!

    i think you should send me your email address. mine is seventeenstars/gmail

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