Move along home, third schep!

So the diet is coming along nicely and seems to be the major topic of conversation. I suppose it is akin to a gladiatorial arena, with the hapless fighters swinging weapons of pastries and fast food at their opponents while protecting themselves with celery armor.

Last night I made a wonderful chicken soup. Here is the recipe:

Two chicken breast halves, skinless boneless (280 cal) grilled
Bunch of celery (45 cal)
Two yellow onions (90 cal)
Green onions (20 cal)
Chicken broth (80 cal)
Vegetable bullion (20 cal)
Half a head of cabbage (50 cal)
Crushed red peppers, white pepper, parsley, bay leaf.
Brew it up until the purple from the cabbage turns not purple. Total calories: 585. Makes about four meals worth of soup, so each meal = 146 calories. The secret is the spice! Warm spicy water feels so yummy going down eh?

JTF also pointed me toward some recipes from this French girl who wrote a book about American gluttony and French daintiness. Yeah, whatever. I liked the recipes though and they can be found here. I am trying out the magic leek soup trick this weekend.

I am well aware of the dangers of a low calorie diet, before you ask. It mainly has to do with lowered metabolism. I have taken this into account and I am countering it with excercise and lots of tea. I am also not planning on changing my diet back or falling off the wagon any time soon. Lately food has been a bit boring to me anyway and I can honestly say with the increased excercise and lower diet I am feeling rather spry and energetic. Much happier than before I started really. This is a good thing.

In other news, I really Really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to see this movie.

265 lb.


  1. My understanding of French food being limited, the size difference is usually attributed to smaller portions. Whilst lots of French food has oil and salt and supposed “bad things” in it, the meal is half the size.

    No idea what you eat so I’m not going to give you addvice on diets or anything like that. A little known fact is that fat contains roughly half the energy of carbohydrates. Eat a plate full of rice or half a plate full of solid fat and weight wise you’re in exactly the same boat.

    Please don’t become a Rabbit. There is good food that’ll aid your ambition, just have to try new stuff which it seems like you’re already doing :D

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