Oh Captain, My Captain

I now own a sailboat.

Here are some pictures of her out of water.

I am officially one step closer to being a real pirate.



  1. Jeffrey Fredrick says:


    No give us some of the vitals… how big, how old, how many, etc etc.

    When do you move aboard?

    Have you bought your flag yet?

  2. Grats! I would recommend having a party when you are situated but I can not tell how big that rig is…

    I word of advice, install extra rails so you don’t get drunk and fall in.


  3. Can we have piratefest at sea next year?

  4. I agree with the extra railings… heh. Congrats!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just say “way to live the dream” but this comes with a warning…all to soon you will be finding yourself, every night, at the Crow’s Nest and soon, very soon, you will all the words to every Jimmy Buffet song!!!

    -You have been warned!

  6. Sean Patrick Tario says:

    Congratulations Buddy!!!

    What are the boat specs and when is the boatwarming party?

  7. Mark Dowdy says:

    Congrats, Aaron! Can’t wait to see the boat. Aarghh!

  8. Congratulations Wizard

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