On the subject of etiquette

So I enabled comments on my blog to invite discussions on the topics I post and I am glad to have them. Someone out there found it necessary to post some comments about how my icon looked thin compared to me. Well my friendly little griefer, there you go. I know I am fat, I am aware of it and I could frankly give a shit. The reason I moderated my comments is because I am embarrassed by the fact that I may know someone who is as rude as you. You call me a coward for enabling moderation, which I find very amusing as you are posting your comments as “Anonymous“. If it were any of my friends calling me a repugnant obese pear-shaped water buffalo I would be much less likely to moderate the comment because, hey, they earned the right to say it by being a friend. So, I invite you to go ahead and post some comments with your name so I can tell if I care about your opinion or not.

-Big Aaron


  1. who the hell would say that!!

  2. Anyone who claims to be a friend of Aaron that can make such a petty comment does not deserve his friendship. The “anonymous” statement was rude, hurtful and the epitome of cowardly. Step up and sign your name.

    We all have our inperfections and vices and I am sure that if you put your name we could list ten things about you that were less than perfect and ways that you may present yourself in a manner that is less than accurate. But we probably wouldn’t because friendship means seeing someone’s imperfections and loving them for all that they are. Friendship is not petty, it is not vindictive, it is not hurtful and it is not unkind; not even in jest. This entire situation disgusts me. Be thankful you didn’t post a name or I would be at your front door confronting you on your hollow, liturgical statement.

    I beg you to ask yourself why you took the liberty of making such a statement. Why would you choose to be so blatently cruel to anyone? It only makes you look like an angry projecting waste of space.

    I know you know, because you have responded candidly and maturely, but just to reiterate:
    Who gives a flying fuck if your icon is anything slightly different that what you are? It’s a mother fucking icon!!!!!!!!! Those of you who know you do not see a size, an adjective, or any one word to categorize you. With the exception of saying that you are an AWESOME person with so much to offer. You are full of kindness and warmth to all who surround you. You would never sink to the level that this “anonymous” person did. Don’t ever forget it!

  3. Thank you for your courageous defense of Aaron. I can see that he has a wonderful group of friends. I’ve known him all his life. He’s the most caring and sensitive person I know, yet he still manages to be true to himself. I always look forward to a new posting to his journal. It takes some guts to post his thoughts for everyone to see. He has a great talent for humor, and I always get a kick out of his antics. I don’t always agree with his point of view, but I absolutely respect it. I love going places with him and showing him off. I don’t see him as fat, or as anything but perfect. I see him as Aaron, my son, and I’m proud to be his Mom.

  4. Anonymous the Terrible says:

    Hey Jackie, simmer down. This isn’t your fight. Aaron’s man enough to fight his own battles, and I think he did an exemplary job of it. All of his points were dead on. Your rant is a bit over the top.

    Aaron, sorry for not including a smiley to take the edge off of my snarky comments. I mean you no ill will.

    Aaron, you are indeed perfect as your mom says. It is also the case that you and I both need to lose a few pounds, for health if not for beauty. Are you up for a challenge? I bet $100 I can lose 10% of my body weight before you can, and keep it off longer than you. How about we weigh off on January 1st? Are you willing?

    Have you figured out who I am yet? Mike could help with that.

  5. the evil anonymous says:

    BTW, your modification of your icon is hilarious!

    PS: “repugnant”? I would *never* say that about you. Never ever.

  6. Ok,
    Ok…I know aaron can fight his own battles, and now that I know who done it….I would have to agree my “rant was over the top”. Please understand that not knowing who it was put me on the defensive of my good friend Aaron.
    So that being said….
    I want in on this weight loss challenge….
    10%- That is going to take me a bit. How about a Jan. 31st weigh in?

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