On to plunder new shores.

Well then, so much going on! We had Pirate Fest and it was a blast! I’ll quote you here one one of the juicy stories of the cruise:

In this campground we were at there is a sort of family night on this stage in the middle of the campground. All the rangers tell all the family looking types to go there on Saturday night to listen to songs like “The Bushy Tailed Squirrel Song” or whatnot. Well, the night before we got a lot of flack from this real asshole park ranger guy. He clearly had I-was-never-able-to-pass-local-police-officer-try-outs syndrome because he was THE LAW! He had a friend too who tried to play the good cop but didn’t pull it off too well. He was running the Pirate Captain’s license for warrants and all kinds of silly crap for no reason. He said it was noise but they kicked out the group campers next to us for being too loud and we never heard them at all. Well, the next morning this really nice park ranger snuck into our camp and tipped us off about this family night event thing and said she was sorry for the penis-very-small-and-can’t-afford-a-sporty-car-to-make-up-for-it park ranger guy and his accomplice who got on our case for noise. So 30 people dressed up as pirates sneak up to the event center thing and in the middle of the “Forest Friends” song or whatever we perform a full charge and boarding action on the stage complete with battle cry, bosun’s call to the captains and introductions of the ship The Black Shenanigan. There was a lot of of shtick and comedy, little slapstick and some rowdy sea shanties. After that we handed out plastic gold dabloons from our pirate chest to all the kids and were on our way. On the way out we noticed quite approvingly that Captain Quiet and Deputy Decibel had furious crossed-arm glares while very nice park ranger was hopping up and down happily from around the bend. Looking back at the kids the rangers were trying to get them interested in singing “Dirt Made My Lunch” or some such but the kids weren’t having it. They were all playing with their dabloons and flipping off the rangers. Well, in my mind maybe that last part about the rude hand gestures.

So, there you are!

So yes, we will have it on again next year, probably at Mount Madonna where it is closer, there are less mosquitoes and less park rangers that are clearly having self esteem problems.

Other than that, I have been going to clubs a lot more and it is really fun. Getting out some, playing games, paying off debt, having a wonderful time with Cassie and a slew of other things that make me happy.

Speaking of, this coming weekend is a LAN party in Sacramento and I am looking forward to it. The weekend after that Cassie is coming to visit for the whole week! I have all kinds of fun events planned for us.

In other news, I smile every day and rarely have a frown.

Music pick: Spiderpower Web Radio – I like listening to web radio on my iTunes lately.

TV pick: Firefly – It’s back baby, and now on a good network!

Movie pick: Mirror Mask – Wow, it’s like a cross between Nightmare Before Christmas and The Cell! That should be some grand imagery.

Game pick: Katamari Damacy – The strangest console game ever created. And it is a lot of fun!

Web pick: – Quite a bit better than Friendster or MySpace. It really allows a lot of freedom and options as well as a wonderful amount of tailored interesting information to read.


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