PAX: Day 3

Whew! My head hurts! Last night we went to the concert and saw Johnathan Coulton which was awesome. The guy is really funny and I am going to buy his CD. He has some great songs including the infamous Big Butts remake. This morning we looked for him but his booth was cleared. Sad face. His show was followed by MC Frontalot. The sound was possibly a bit off, instruments too high maybe but his songs still filled me with child-like wonder. I especially liked the PA Theme / Katamari Damacy medley.

After the concert I met up with Lee and he claimed to have a party going on at his hotel room and that the bands were coming over to drink. I am shocked to report to you that he TOTALLY pulled through! Members of The Neskimoes and The Minibosses showed up followed by MC Frontalot and his crew. Much drinking and much Guitar hero, got home at 6am. Very cool! I was convinced that I should be an Enforcer next year and Steve has offered to put me up at his place if I wanted to skip the hotel room.

One ting I must bring up: Scott was the coolest person for coming with me to PAX. I was really afraid it would turn into another Vegas trip where I was alone and cold and hitting myself with a shovel to make myself feel alive. Scott made it really a great experience and I’d like to thank him. Thanks Scott! He also said the funniest thing I heard the whole weekend. We were in the hotel room and hearing a “thump, thump, thump” from the room next to us. I made some comment about it and he said, “They’re just making horse shoes.” Brilliant! I took a shower and the sounds were gone. I asked, “Do you think they’re done?” He answered, “No, they just keep turning the horse shoe over.” I was rolling.

We missed the Two-Headed Giant game due to a late start (*whistle*) and it looks like our plane leaves earlier than I thought. No biggie. This event was so fun, I am really beside myself. One last word to seal the deal…




  1. Scott Vachalek says:

    I’m sitting here in Ventrilo
    Playing some DotA
    Running around creeping
    The opponents we’re sleeping

  2. Scott Vachalek says:

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