So I mentioned the vacation I am planning on for 2007. I have my passport now and all is well on my end. Let me say though, I worry about the conviction of my peers, and I will leave it at that. *meaningful stare*

So I may have mentioned this little game called Perplexcity. Well I must admit I was against it from the start because I feel that the goal is inherently unachievable, however I was goaded unabashedly by the TWO FREE PUZZLES it offered with my free account. They had me! So I signed up and bought some cards. Wait, what? Yes, you buy cards and each one of them has a puzzle on it. They range from very easy to the kind of puzzle that thousands of people are working on and have not yet been able to solve. So far I really dig it. I even solved one of the silver cards (highest difficulty) on my own! It isn’t just a puzzle game either, it is what is called an Alternate Reality Game. That is a fancy way of saying there is a fantasy that you and others around the world interact in to solve a collective problem. Also, there is a metal cube hidden somewhere on real Earth that is worth $200 large. Anyway, thought it was worth mentioning, and if you do end up making an account and trying out the free puzzles, be sure to link me on your tracked players. My account name is effendi13.



  1. what is really perplexing is why you made this entry twice… ;-)

  2. Thanks for catching that ;)

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