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So I am mostly moved in. It is a quaint little place and it was relaxing to spend the night there, watching a movie… Alone. I also went grocery shopping. I bought all kinds of things like condiments, sauce, things like that and neglected to get any food, but it is for the better because as it turns out I am missing a few essentials for cooking said food. My mom is coming this weekend to help me shop for those things. Like a trash can! Woo! Trash can yay!

Last night I watched Star Wars Episode 1. The movie really isn’t half bad except for three things.

A) Midichlorians. Every kid who saw Star Wars Episode 4 went home and tried using The Force. The reason was it was a semi-magical force of nature shrouded in mysticism. In the new movie it is like HIV. Nobody wants organisms in their blood so it is not nearly as fascinating. I don’t know what drove Lucas to that plot artifact. Maybe it was simply so he didn’t have to go back to the ship to tell Obi-Wan that the kid was strong with The Force? I don’t know… but they talk about it a lot throughout the movie. The immaculate conception bit was a little off too. He could have just as easily skipped the whole thing really and have them take Anakin home to train as a Jedi and not make a big haboo about it.

B) R2-D2 and C3-PO. They spent WAY too much time dwelling on these two as tie-ins to the original trilogy. When R2 fixes the shield generator on the ship they all stand around staring at him and congratulating him for like a full minute and a half of the movie. It was painful to watch and … not needed. We could have all made the assumption ourselves. It’s like someone pointing at a flashing neon sign so you know it is there.

C) Jar-Jar. Everyone loves to hate him, but in episodes 2 and 3 he’s not that bad. In the first movie however, he is so over the top slapstick that you just have to cringe. I’m just waiting for the Gungan Adventures Christmas Special to come out on ABC.

Things the movie did right:

A) The podrace. I am prepared to say that the pod race is the best vehicle racing scene in any movie ever.

B) Puppets. They still had Yoda as a puppet. The aliens were mostly in costumes and not CGI. Let me tell you that on a high definition TV screen, that CGI looks like crap. The puppets and costumes shine.

Well this movie review may be a little late but hey… it’s MY BLOG!



  1. I watched the Star Wars movies in order. I thought Episode I was pretty good but went downhill after that.

    By Episode IV it was like he ran out of ideas or his budget for cool graphics was all gone or something.

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