Riddle me this

Since I don’t like to talk much about projects until they actually happen (for fear that in talking about them I will lose the motivation to carry them out) I will instead present this in the form of sort of a riddle.

pobox: 94/yr
storage: 85/mo
slip: 10.13/ft/mo
liveaboard: 100/mo
wireless: 35/mo
utilities: 91/mo
laundry: 20/mo
fuel: 20/mo
loan: 200-500/mo
insurance: 33/mo

lessons: 1200



  1. Who else? says:

    Sounds like you are going to buy a boat and live on it. The tip offs were “liveaboard” and “slip fee”. Look out for stray seamen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what…where are the posts from PAX…why haven’t you strapped a camera to your body so we get the 24/7 action!!


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