Rock N Roll

For those of you interested in more specifics about the boat, HERE are pictures and specs. I bought a 26″ LCD TV and a swing arm mount to put in it and plan to start moving stuff in this week. I have been pondering the problem of how to mount my various electronic gadgets. I will obviously need a custom bracket or some way to wire or strap them into place so they don’t move around when underway. At the same time I need to have access to the point where media is inserted into those devices and the infra-red ports must be visible. If anyone has suggestions on how to elegantly achieve this based on THIS picture, please do.

There are some things I need and if you have this stuff lying around I will buy it:

* Sea fishing rod and reel
* Travel bag big enough to hold a change of clothes, towel and bathroom bag.
* Crab pot
* Magma gas grill
* Microwave

Also, here is an update of my for sale stuff:

* Easel and drawing pad.
* Antique liquor decanters.
* Digital alarm clock
* Green banker’s light.
* Wooden pedestal.
* Candle holders.
* Long black velvet blackout drapes.
* Knee high 60 hole Stompers boots
* Linksys 4 port router
* Linksys 5 port switch
* 7-in-1 Gaming table
* Go-Ped gas standing scooter
* Extra large black fencing vest
* Pint glasses, flutes and belgian tulips
* 47″ Vizio plasma TV
* Set of stoneware serving dishes that have wrought iron stands



  1. Aaron, your boat *so* kicks ass.

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  3. looks like the Randal sold. good

  4. I was so worried that when i clicked onto the link, there would be a picture of Aaron holding his dingy

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