Santa Cruz Pirate Fest 2008

This year lads and lasses there be no holdin’ back!

We’ll plunder and ravage,
growl like a savage
dastardly piratin’ horde.

All who would pillage
a quibblin’ village
are welcome to swagger aboard.

Our mark will be made
With a buckle-swash blade,
As we steal away with our hoard.

And we’ll game till we’re bust
On drink, food and lust,
With no one to call our lord.

-Captain Groggy Swagger


  1. Anonymous says:

    uh….Mr. Swagger, I am a shy a timid man from Santa cruz…I am not sure if Pirate fest is for me…are there any suggests you could have for me?

  2. Sir, I think you’d make an excellent bilge rat. A working ship cannot function without a few rodents on board. Clean up the bilge, provide a few random meals in the doldrums! There is a use for every man on a ship of the Black Shenanigan’s caliber! We are happy to reward our most diligent rats with flagons of grog and a square meal every two days at least!

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