Santa Cruz Pirate Fest 2009

Blow the Man Down: Marooned in Paradise

After our celebration in the year 2008 we again took to the seas in search of fortune and infamy. Not far did we sail before we sighted an armada of warships sent by King George II to take us down to Davey Jone’s locker. In our heroic battle with the armada we set three of their ships ablaze, but from the holds of the Black Shenanigan burst a score of ninjas. We defeated the cowardly assassins but were forced to give up the battle and flee around the horn due to the damage to our rigging.

Having escaped the armada, we’re now stranded on the shores of the Gal


  1. Does this mean I missed it? Arr.

  2. Indeed, when the hell did this happen? I’ve got to stop drinking so much…

  3. Jordan Halls says:

    No ye scallywags, ya have not missed anythin’. Capin’ Swagger is a lazy ‘ol landlubber and just copied the text from What I am SURE he wanted all of ye to do was click on the link at the top of the post to bring ya to the right page.

    -Iverson the Red

  4. Feel free to bring your pets?

    Cpt. Swagger, don’t you realize you risk having the island overrun with hippies and their dogs? Not very pirate-like. Hippies, that is.

  5. Jordan Halls says:

    Well apparently it is the island of MALTA if you click on the map at Hippies are notoriously lazy and will probably not travel the 7000 miles required to get to malta…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hippie pets will provide a good change of pace from lizard and penguin

  7. Map is fixed and it’s more clear in the post now where you are supposed to go.

  8. It’s still not fixed. Something screwy is going on. When you click for the map, it takes you to Mt. Madonna for a brief instant and then loads up Madonna, Malta.

  9. hmm. I know sometime this summer I am heading to vegas..might talk my partner into doing a sidetrip to this as well.. hehe. I will add it to my wish list :P

  10. My course is true, me sail is billowed, and my wheel is firmly attached to my nuts

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